A Chat With Chuck Swindoll

Imagine studying the Bible with pastor Chuck Swindoll sitting beside you – sharing his warm personal insights, gleaning wisdom from his over 50 years of ministry and being inspired by his passion for God’s Word.  That is why he created the Swindoll Study Bible. Since he can’t physically be in all of our living rooms, he still wanted a way to encourage each of us to walk closer with Jesus. Hear about it his own words:

Why Did You Want to Do a Study Bible?

How Is Your Study Bible Different?

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11 thoughts on “A Chat With Chuck Swindoll

    1. This Bible is available at Amazon.com. I will reach out to our international team about other locations in South Africa. Thanks!

  1. Good morning Pastor,

    Thank God for your effort of reaching out to us, who are in need of answers. I have been born again for one year now, been very thirsty of studying the Word of God.

    I noticed that from that time, i LOST my desires in shopping, sexual fantasies, and vanity. What remains in me is my desire to smoke and to drink (although it’s casual drinking only). I’m constantly praying to God to help me get through my everyday smoking. And this month, i have been more serious in asking Him to help me remove my craving from it.

    But i noticed that ever since i prayed about it, i’m having dreams about my other sinful deeds that were, i thought, already behind me. And last night i had a scary dream that echoes til now, that there was somebody telling me ‘i am your father, the devil’.

    I am confused, i don’t even know what to ask you. You’re the first thing i saw in my email today so i don’t know….


  2. The N. L. T. Translation of the Holy Bible makes it more enjoyable to read, because it speaks to us in words we use and understand.Making this transaction more useful for today’s reader, to give God’s word and plan new life with fully understanding God’s purpose for your life. The Scriptures will come alive as you continue reading, getting spiritually open to growth and closer to the Lord Jesus! Amen.

  3. I was duped recently and right now I’m in deficit of $2854 stuck and confused. I need God’s mercy to guide me and like he said he’s the way, let him show me another way to get some money. Amen.

    1. Thank you for your interest in the app! If you check out the Tyndale Bibles app in the iTunes app store or Google Play you can find it there.

  4. I’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer and been operated upon. It’s difficult for me to inform my family about my health as everybody thinks I’m the strong one in the family and rely on me during tough times and tribulations. I hope this won’t cause any discord when they find out

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