Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Evangelical Christian pastor, author, educator and radio preacher

Fabio B.

NLT Reader

“I have chosen to post all Scripture from the NLT moving forward. We came to this conclusion for a few reasons:

  • Translated into the English a sixth-grade student would use, the NLT is far and away the easiest to understand of the major English translations.
  • Outside the United States (where most of my readers are located), the NLT is in a statistical dead heat with the NIV in terms of availability. It is vitally important to have a Bible that is accessible to the audience.
  • Faithfully accurate: Because the NLT uses a thought-for-thought style of translation, the original intent is easily captured.
  • Discipleship results: I do a lot of one-to-one ministry, and I am regularly told by disciples that passages make more sense in the NLT. An “I get it now” experience is common.

You will note that these are not “fancy” or sophisticated theological reasons. They are more on the practical side. I still study in a word-for-word translation, but for the purposes of ministering to the faithful brethren, I have found NLT to be the most helpful choice.”

Matt Sherro

Pastor at Abounding Grace Baptist Church and blogger at

“The New Living Translation is not only a clearly communicated translation of God’s Word but a powerful tool for ministry in our world today. God’s Word is generally difficult for folks to understand, but the NLT cuts through language and phrasing that often pose a barrier to Gospel communication. Wether it is artistic declaration of God’s Word through Streetlights, public reading while preaching or in depth study with a group of young people, the NLT connects with ‘how we speak’. We have been empowered toward Gospel proclamation, Bible translation and clear Bible teaching through the New Living Translation. What a gift to the Kingdom for our day and age!”

Esteban Shedd

Director of Streetlights & Musician with Alert312

“I absolutely love the NLT, it helps me connect very intimately with God in a way that no other translation does for me. There is just something very special about it. The Psalms are my favourite!”


NLT Reader

“Studying and teaching from the New Living Translation second edition provides refreshing insights from a translation with high credibility. I recommend it to both Christ followers taking their first steps of faith and seasoned veterans on their spiritual journey.”

Gene Appel

Pastor and author

“I have been using the NLT for the last few years as part of my journey back to an active Christian life (I fell away for a few years). The NLT has helped me understand Scripture better; it has become a version I can use with small groups, in worship and in personal devotions.”

Josh H.

NLT Reader and Sunday School Teacher

“It’s God’s Word in language we use every day, that people can understand. That’s something to be excited about.”

Tony Dungy

Football coach, author and speaker