The New Living Translation combines the latest biblical scholarship with a clear, dynamic writing style that communicates God’s Word powerfully to all who hear and read it. It renders the message of the original texts of Scripture into clear, contemporary English that was written to be read aloud. With a focus on clarity, The New Living Translation invites readers to go deeper into the biblical text to discover God’s story for their lives and the world.


Some of us have been made to believe that trustworthy English Bible translations must always match the words and sentence structures of the original languages. But actually, a translation that truly did that would be largely unintelligible in English.

The New Living Translation conveys the precise meaning of the original languages. It will help you understand what the Bible says in today’s English with the same clarity as those who once read it in the original languages.

Be sure you read a translation that you can understand. It will connect you to God and change your life.


Reading the Bible is one of the most important things you will do this year—or any year.

Reading God’s Word can be inspiring, instructive, and encouraging. Most of all, it is a means to connecting with God and his power to change your life.

But frankly, if you can’t understand what you’re reading, your Bible reading time isn’t worth much to you without spending even more time seeking additional instruction and explanation. The New Living Translation will help you easily understand God’s message and connect with Him even when you don’t have a pastor or commentary in front of you. That’s the pathway to a new life, a new purpose, and a new hope.


The New Living Translation is built for understanding.

In fact, the central benefit of the NLT is how uniquely easy it is to understand. People who read it, get it.

This understanding is not because the text of the New Living Translation is simplistic or elementary. Rather, the NLT is well-written—and just like any other well-written book, this makes it is easier for you to follow its logic, engage with its action, and step into its story. In the NLT, a dynamic writing style is combined with contemporary biblical scholarship, resulting in the clear and powerful communication of God’s Word to all who hear and read it.


Transformation and life change are meaningful results of reading the New Living Translation. Bible translation is not solely an exercise in literary proficiency. It’s about helping readers become powerfully and personally connected to God’s message and his grand plan to transform their hearts and impact their lives.

When you truly understand what the Bible is saying, it profoundly changes you and your impact on the world around you.


The New Living Translation has roots in a bold drive for biblical accessibility and a commitment to helping everyday people connect with God and his Word.

Since Tyndale House Publishers was founded, our approach to Bible publishing has bucked publishing trends and conventions. Fifty years ago, Kenneth N. Taylor, founder and translator, understood the importance of making the Bible accessible to everyday people, and we carry on his passion and commitment today.

Our willingness to be radical when it’s necessary to help people understand God’s Word has never diminished, and it continues through the distribution and reading of the New Living Translation.


We know that the Word of God is alive and powerful (Hebrews 4:12). The Bible is not just an ancient artifact to be protected. If that’s all it was, it’d be enough to just visit it in a museum and see the old manuscripts in Hebrew and Greek. But Scripture is alive, and it has the power to transform lives and change our world.

That’s why it’s vital for every generation to have Bible translations available in the language people currently read and speak (often referred to as their “heart language”) rather than in the language of previous generations.

The New Living Translation assures access to the Bible’s truth and power for people of our generation.


The Bible includes many types of literature, from storytelling to poetry to serious teaching. Some content lifts you up, and some makes you sad. Its writers are warm and contemplative, tough and abrasive, full of praise and steeped in sorrow. There is a lot to deal with and much to consider in the eternal messages of the Bible.

The New Living Translation has a flowing, effortless writing style that makes for comfortable and meaningful reading, whether silently or aloud. It doesn’t make you try to figure out what’s being said, so you can get right at what it means and what it means for you. You spend more time understanding the Bible and less time trying to understand the Bible.

That’s the kind of style you need as you seek a relationship with the living God and drink in the Good News of his plan for your life.

The last thing you need is to struggle with archaic language and awkward sentence structures.

Experience the New Living Translation