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Stories inspired by the Second Great War are not only entertaining, but also are filled with stories about good versus evil. These stories can be incredibly effective in helping how we process the conflicts and trials of today. We hope that this page becomes a catch all for all your WWII fiction needs. From love stories to battle scenes, we have the greatest titles that dive right into the action during the time of Axis and Allies.

The Winter Rose Interview with Melanie Dobson

Melanie Dobson is the award-winning author of more than twenty historical romance, suspense, and time-slip novels. Five of her novels have won Carol Awards; Catching the Wind and Memories of Glass were nominated for a Christy Award in the historical fiction category; Catching the Wind won an Audie Award in the inspirational fiction category; and […]

Q&A with Melanie Dobson, author of The Curator’s Daughter

Last month, Melanie Dobson’s newest book, The Curator’s Daughter, released! Here is an interview with the author about her process of writing this book. The Curator’s Daughter is a novel about a young girl, kidnapped on the eve of World War II, changes the lives of a German archaeologist forced into the Nazi Party and—decades […]

National Holocaust Remembrance Day

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German Lutheran pastor, theologian, anti-Nazi dissident, is one of my heroes. I’ve reread Life Together multiple times and am currently reading The Cost of Discipleship. Among other things, I appreciate Bonhoeffer for his perspective on peace. He knew that Jesus offers peace contrary to how the world gives. “There is no way to peace along the […]

“Mister Doctor” – A Light in the Darkness

I love my family, but I dote on my grandchildren. The sun rises and sets in their smiles and hugs. There’s nothing better than spending time with them—reading together, singing songs, praying, cuddling, planting flowers, dancing in rain puddles, assembling puzzles with them, baking cookies, cheering as they attempt new things like bigger slides and […]

4 Untold Stories from WWII

Hundreds, if not thousands, of books have been written on the Second World War. Lasting nearly a decade, involving the majority of the world’s nations, and claiming an estimated 50 to 85 lives, it is no surprise a war of such magnitude would produce countless stories to be told. Here are 4 accounts of the […]