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Stories inspired by the Second Great War are not only entertaining, but also are filled with stories about good versus evil. These stories can be incredibly effective in helping how we process the conflicts and trials of today. We hope that this page becomes a catch all for all your WWII fiction needs. From love stories to battle scenes, we have the greatest titles that dive right into the action during the time of Axis and Allies.

Why It’s Still Important to Remember the Holocaust

Today, even with all the graphic photographs, survivor accounts, and documents, there are those who downplay the Holocaust and the atrocities of World War II. Only a few of the 50 states mandate that the Holocaust be taught in public schools. The things I saw beggar description. . . . The visual evidence and the […]

The Real Stories: Videos of WWII

“Your name is unknown. Your deed is immortal.”- Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Moscow) There is a good chance that if you are here you love WWII stories. From WWII historical fiction to history passed down, the events and narratives from the Second World War captivate audiences, amd encourage courage and conviction. Today we’re taking […]

WWII Book Club Discussion Questions

Whether you’re homeschooling, in a book club, or looking to dig deeper on your own, the free discussion guides below are perfect companions to your WWII reading list! WWII Fiction: Catching the Wind by Melanie Dobson A 2018 Christy Award Finalist! What happened to Brigitte Berthold? That question has haunted Daniel Knight since he was […]

3 Wartime Virtues We Can Use Today

Virtue is a word yellowed around the edges, often relegated to a previous era of history or deemed irrelevant to our own. But in a time of unanticipated challenge, trial, and upheaval, virtue is necessary not only in the dictionary but also in our daily lives. Ready or not, like it or not, we are […]


This article was originally posted on Kathy Harris Books and written by Melanie Dobson. Damp air settled between the marlstone walls, its chill creeping into my bones as our group wandered reverently through the ancient mines. We stopped to read the old inscriptions, listen to the stories, and remember all that happened in these tunnels […]