Playbook for an Uncommon Life 6-Pack

This special 6-pack of Tony Dungy’s Playbook for an Uncommon Life is ideal for sports teams, youth groups, and classrooms! Use it on its own in a book group discussion format, or use it as the participant’s guide for Tony Dungy’s Dare to Be Uncommon curriculum for sports teams or church groups. Through the book, learn that your real worth isn’t found in money, power, status, or stuff—no matter what the world tells us. Super Bowl–winning former head coach Tony Dungy says there is a different path to significance. It’s an uncommon path, a way of life that values others first and emphasizes who someone is over what the person has or accomplishes. Come along with Tony Dungy as he reveals the principles and priorities that characterize this better way—and be inspired to live a life of true significance. Book only available in group-friendly 6-pack.