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Break through Barriers to Healing from Trauma and Discover Paths to Healing
Trauma can either be used as a catalyst for growth, sparking empathy and a closer relationship with God, or as fuel for shame, avoidance, and isolation. Many veterans and first responders know firsthand the toll that trauma can take but lack the knowledge of how to grow from it and move forward.

In Unshackled, Elizabeth Stevens uses her unique perspective as both a trauma survivor and a professional psychiatrist to help veterans and first responders, as well as other trauma victims, learn how to grow and heal from their traumatic experiences so that they can experience the abundant life God has for them.

Specifically, you will come to understand and learn
  • the effects of trauma from Elizabeth’s story of brain injury, multiple sexual assaults, an eating disorder, post-traumatic stress, suicidal thoughts, depression, and loss of independence;
  • how to get past barriers to healing;
  • which paths will move you forward;
  • the importance of holistic healing—physical, psychological, and spiritual; and
  • that Jesus Christ delivers the ultimate healing.

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