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Everything you need to grasp God’s big picture in Scripture so you can dive deeper into each book of the Bible.

Every single word in the Bible is powerful and purposeful. But too often we can be guilty of thinking that the details of God’s plan for us must be buried in obscurity somewhere in the vastness of the Bible—as if we’re missing God because we missed that tiny iota subscript in the original Greek. What if it is the opposite? What if our daily purpose, our next step tomorrow, our discernment in the moment comes from a broad understanding of God’s revelation in the Bible? When you grasp God’s Word holistically, your life begins to make more sense each and every day. In this book, Sam Rainer will help you
  • Understand God’s big picture as revealed in the Bible
  • Explore the major themes of Scripture
  • Know quickly and easily the subject and purpose of each book of the Bible
See the entire masterpiece instead of focusing on the brushstrokes. Understand the broad themes that occur from Genesis to Revelation to find God’s purpose and plan for your life.

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