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Product Description

This elegant gift edition of the best-selling TouchPoints for Women features a LeatherLike flexible cover with matte foil-stamped embellishments, ribbon marker, lovely interior accents, and yellow floral printing on the edges. This book puts God’s answers to your most pressing questions right at your fingertips. Inside, you’ll find answers, words of encouragement, and Bible promises on nearly 150 alphabetically arranged topics—from affection, belonging, and contentment to disappointment, loneliness, and security.

Product Details

Trim Size:
4.125 x 6 in.

Exclusive Preview

This is such a handy book with 309 answers to some of women's life issues. Here's just a selection of included topics: abilities, beauty, contentment, expectations, family, home, marriage, money, prayer, submission, timing of God, and worth/worthiness. Given the nature of the material, this book may be read straight through or used as a reference guide (the topics are alphabetically arranged). A fantastic book that I highly recommend having on hand!