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The best-selling author of The 4:8 Principle and 40 Days to a Joy-filled Life returns with a special edition for teens. In just 40 days, teens can change their minds and their attitudes. Tommy Newberry, together with writer Lyn Smith, takes teens from thinking negatively to thinking positively, which will change their entire outlook on life. Not only will this devotional make teens think more positively and have a better attitude, this devotional also points teens to Scripture and helps them understand more about God. The devotions not only help teens understand how their thought life determines their perspective, but they also help them focus their minds on godly truths so they can live out their faith.

This book is the perfect way for teens to get a new attitude and start living a fulfilling, joy-filled life in just 40 days.

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“Do you know that what other people say about you doesn’t have to define you? Do you know your thoughts today will impact your future? Do you know that an exciting road that God designed with your name on it now stretches before you?” Tommy Newberry with Lyn Smith writes in their book, "Think 4:8 – 40 Days to a Joy-Filled Life for Teens." At two hundred and forty pages, this small paperback book is targeted toward teenagers twelve to sixteen years old as a Christian tutorial. Using mainly the New Living Translation of the Bible, nine other versions are noted. Arranged to be read over a forty-day period, the teen gleans how to set goals and live a God-centered life. This reader wishes all pronouns related to God were capitalized for reverence. Writers Newberry and Smith write to teenagers in a way that they can relate to with their lingo, casual but factual directness, and love. After an acknowledgement and introduction, there are forty chapters dedicated to topics promoting joy. Each chapter is usually six pages, beginning with a short Bible verse about a specific topic, followed by one to three pages of discussion. There is a “Work It” section that is usually pro-active, writing out thoughts, goals, or concerns. The “Talk It” section is a short assignment requiring others or action later. “Stick It” is a brief “yellow Post-It” note with a thought for the day. Finally there is a “Pray It” with a one to two sentence prayer to God. Focusing on the positive in the teen’s life, some of the various topics include perspective, awareness, curiosity, words, imagination, quality questions, success of others, self-discipline, living for Jesus, and being thankful. One example is Day 14, Making Every Moment Count under the Joy of Right Now. The verse is from I Corinthians 10:5 about sowing what we reap by using our God-given gifts. The work task is to write both three negative and positive thoughts, concentrating on the latter. The talking section involves spending five minutes in front of a mirror, expressing the negative thoughts then later talking to others about the positives. The thought of the day is “I make every moment count” with a prayer thanking God for each moment of life. For typical teenagers, this is a good book to take the focus off the “I/me” and turn it to God and others as one reads through forty days of devotions. This book was furnished by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. in lieu of an unbiased review.