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ECPA 2014 Christian Book Award Finalist!
What if you had a trusted friend to guide you through God’s Word every day? Whether you want a fast overview of the grand story of the Bible or a deeper exploration of the riches of Scripture, The Wayfinding Bible is that guide.

With an innovative, full-color visual guide at the top of each reading, The Wayfinding Bible provides you with three paths through God’s Word: the Fly-Over Route, the Direct Route, and the Scenic Route. Following the Fly-Over Route, you’ll cover the most important events in the Bible in just 40 readings, giving you a fresh overview of how these events tell the story of God’s redemption. Following the Direct Route’s 200 readings, you’ll develop a better understanding of how God’s story develops through history. Following the Scenic Route, you’ll explore new territory while discovering a richness and depth in God’s Word that you’ve not seen before. All without the discouragement of getting bogged down in any single book.

Whether you are encountering the Bible for the first time or simply looking for a new journey through Scripture, you will always know where you are and where you’re going in God’s Word. Just choose your route, and prepare yourself for life-changing experiences with God.

Special features:
  • Getting Your Bearings: These 8 two-page articles occur at major turning points of Scripture and help the reader stay on track
  • Side Trips: Explore a known concept in greater depth or read about a topic for the first time
  • Scenic Overlooks: Stunning visuals including maps, photos, infographics, and charts that aid in understanding the Bible text
The Wayfinding Bible uses the clear and understandable New Living Translation text.

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6 x 9 in.

To say that I love Bible's is an understatement, and any time I find a Bible that makes it easier to read and navigate God's word well, I am interested. With "The Wayfinding Bible" it did just that. I am one of those people who likes to open the Bible and jump right in, but with the "Wayfinding Bible" I had to read the directions on how to use it, but once I did it was easy to navigate. The plan that I used was called the "Flyover" route. It gives the reader an overview of the Bible in just 54 readings. There are three additional plans, the direct route takes the reader thru the Bible in 215 readings, and the scenic route gets you thru the Bible in 386 readings. The final route is called the thru hike which takes you thru every word of the Bible in chronological order.With the plan that I used I got a general overview of the Bible, but did feel like I missed some pretty significant parts, so this plan might be best for someone who is a bit more familiar with the Bible. So many things really caught my eye with this one. First of all there are plenty of color maps, they are so bright. That's thing with this Bible the bright colors used really made this such an eye appealing read. There are introductions to each book that help explain why each book was written,what the book is about and how the book will help point you in the right direction toward Jesus. The historical markers that are scattered through the text that focus on locations and events that are taking place in the scripture providing a more in depth look. There are also scenic overlooks and side trips that also enhance the journey thru the scripture. I loved the pictures that are used thru this Bible, I have found myself flipping thru the text to see them, they are so informative, really taking the scripture to the next level. The only thing that Tyndale could improve with this one is to give us study notes, otherwise a Bible that will certainly help you on your travels thru the Bible, allowing you to choose the route that best suites you based on the depth you want to dig and time you want to spend. A complimentary copy of this Bible was provided for review.

“'The Wayfinding Bible' offers three routes through the Bible using the innovative Bible Mapping System. Each route will take you through a series of chronological readings that capture the main storyline in God’s Word,” is stated in the User’s Guide of this New Living Translation of the Bible. At fifteen hundred and twenty-two pages, this paperback book is one more way to read the Scriptures, especially targeted for those who are new believers or want a choice of four different ways to read God’s Word. Promoted as three different routes to read, one can follow the airplane icon to read fifty-four pivotal key points in the entire Bible. Or read two hundred and fifteen sections by following the straight arrow direct route. The wavy arrow is the scenic route that includes three hundred and eighty-six readings of more in-depth reading. A fourth route is presented at the end of the book that encompasses all Scripture in a chronological order. With each page having a light blue short topic of the reading story, there are short observations and exploration points. Also included are book introductions, eight critical bearings, starred historical markers, scenic maps, and topical side trips. At the end is an “itinerary” with the three coded routes, a complete list of side trips, a chronological reading list, features index, prophecies list, listing of Old Testament verses in the New Testament, image credits, points of interests, and maps. If one selects the fly-over route, the reader misses out on many important and known scenarios of the Bible since there are only fifty-four readings that cover the sixty-six books (thus several books are completely ignored). If the direct route is chosen, the coverage is better, averaging two to three readings per book so one can glean a better understanding. However, the best option would be daily reading completely through the entire Bible to get a well-rounded knowledge of the Word of God. As a precaution note to readers using the New Living Translation, this version is known to omit partial or complete verses and changes words from their original meanings (i.e. in the book of John using the word “through” instead of “by” in 1:3, omitting phrases in 1:41, using “one and only” instead of “begotten” in 3:16, removing 5:4, and taking out 7:53 through 8:11 to name a few issues). With the plethora of sidebar information such as genealogy, tribes of Israel, event charting, topical photographs, referencing Jesus in the Old Testament, and correlating prophecy, there are informative, interesting facts to learn and understand despite the version chosen. This book was furnished by Tyndale House Publishers in lieu of an unbiased review. Book trailer link:

The Wayfinding Bible NLT is an excellent study guide for believers who want to get into the thick of the Bible quickly. The unique feature to this study guide is its “Wayfinding” system. You start off with three options, Flyover, Direct and Scenic. Each route offers three different study types depending on what the reader is looking for. The Flyover Route compasses 54 readings and allows the reader to get a chronological view of the events of the Bible. I checked this one out myself. It starts from Adam and Eve, moves on to Noah, then Abraham, Jesus, and beyond to his resurrection and his return mentioned in Revelations. It jumps from reading one or two chapters to skipping over into another book entirely following a timeline of events. The Direct Route has 215 readings which can be finished in less than a year. This route gives you a deeper perspective of how the Bible stories mesh together. Lastly is the Scenic Route. In 386 readings the reader is guided deeper and deeper into the richness of the Bible. It touches on popular stories to the unheard of ones. Each route is given a color and a runway strip that sits on the top of the page. The runway has dot points that show the reader which chapters and verses must be read. At the end of the line is an arrow with a page number attached to it telling the reader which page to flip to after finishing their “travel.” There are also little icons for the routes that sit next to the verses signaling to the reader where their route starts and ends. Along the journey, the reader will be directed to read a passage and two paragraphs called the Observation Point and the Exploration Point. These three feature some interesting ideas and paraphrases the stories on the route. Other features to the Wayfinding Bible include: Book Introductions, a Bearings Map, Historical Markers, Scenic Overlooks, Side Trips, and Thru-Hiking, a fun feature that sets up an entire reading of the whole Bible with daily directions of what should be read starting from Genesis all the way to Revelations. The Wayfinding system is an interesting one. It is effective and informative leaving one feeling satisfied after each read. There are a lot of things that were mentioned that I hadn’t thought of before until it was pointed out by the prompts. While I was reading, I felt like I was carefully dissecting the Bible into tiny little details that all added up to a bigger picture. The feel of the study guide gives a sense of traveling thanks to the route system and with the goals set before me it made me want to continue till I reached the end of it. Wonderful and completely comprehensive, the Wayfinding Bible is a great addition to any believers’ library. I enjoyed this study guide’s exploratory aspect and recommend it for those who want a nice Bible with a “get it fast” approach to reaching those stories that you need to read up on.

We know the Bible is full of good stuff and we ought to read more of it. Perhaps we made a resolution to get through all 66 books this year. Maybe we made it as far as Leviticus before losing our way, falling behind, and giving up. What if there was an easier way to grab an overview of Scripture in a series of focused readings? What if I could zoom in on my second and third passes? Wouldn’t it be great to have maps, diagrams, photos, devotional guides, and summary charts along with the verses? Tyndale has provided such a resource. OK, I hear you. The news that Tyndale has published a new version of the Bible may seem a humdrum announcement, until we pick up a copy of The Wayfinding Bible. For me the “Wow!” came quickly and grew stronger as I delved into the book. The Wayfinding Bible provides colorful mileposts to carry the reader over one of three routes through Scripture. The Flyover Route is the shortest, with about 50 readings. The Direct Route uses 200 readings to dig deeper while the Scenic Route makes about 400 stops on an incredibly well-organized journey. Readings are arranged chronologically so the Psalms and Minor Prophets are laced into the Kings and Chronicles, and the Gospel readings follow events as they unfolded in the ministry of Jesus. Side Trips satisfy the desires of adventurous souls wanting more. For example, “Who, me?”, stops at passages showing how God used unexpected people to work his plans. Scenic Overlooks reveal a variety of knowledge including the win/loss stats for Israel’s Old Testament battles, the themes covered in Proverbs, and the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah paired with the New Testament reference where the prediction was fulfilled. The New Living Translation is easy to read and understand, making it suitable for children, teens, and adults. As a veteran Sunday School teacher I know many stumble over the language of Scripture while debates rage over the correct version. Those arguments ended for me when I became a parent. The best version is the one my daughters and students can pick up, read for themselves, and grasp the message. The Wayfinding Bible meets that requirement. Having trouble with your holiday gift list? Perhaps someone you know could use the five-star blessing of a new Bible? Note - Tyndale House Publishers provided a complimentary copy of The Wayfinding Bible to facilitate this review.

I got this bible as a gift from someone because they knew I wanted to explore the NLT translation. I usually purchase only smythe sewn bibles for durability but this was a gift and hard bound. I've only opened it twice. The first to read the preface and such and the second time, tonight, to the book of John. I was very disappointed to find that the first page of John is loose from the middle to the top. It looks like it wasn't glued at all. I prefer smythe sewn because they lay flat and last a long time but I never expected even a glued bible to be so fragile when new...

This is a great bible! If you've ever wanted to read through the Bible and find the One Year Bibles a little too daunting -- this is a great place to start.

This Bible is very nicely laid out in comparison to some previous NLT Bibles I have looked at that tend to stick to the paragraph format. This Bible is more of the standard column approach with a lot of additional information. It is different in that a lot of Bibles marketed for adults don't have the in-depth notes with color pictures and infographics that this Bible does. I have a study Bible that is not at all this nicely laid out or color coordinated. It is a Bible that seems to have all the big highlights already pointed out for you so you might even be safe putting your highlighter down to read this one. I'm not the biggest fan of the New Living translation, however, this Bible might change that if I spend some more time using it. Having the pictures in the Bible was a little strange to me, but I understand that it helps to modernize a sometimes dry and intimadating book, so I can see the appeal there for many. I would be comfortable giving this as a gift to a child or possibly even tween, depending on their reading level and accumulated knowledge of the Bible from other more standard means. This sounds a little "picky" , but it seems to me they should have chose another color for the outside cover of the Bible, most of my Bibles are very well loved and it would not take long for the currently very pretty pristine white cover to look dingy. Overall this was a great Bible reading experience. I started with the 50 day Flyover plan and was sincerely impressed to see how everything linked together, I challenge you to try doing that without their plans and page numbers all right there for you, it would take a lot of book marks to accomplish it, or sticky notes whatever your preference may be.

When this Bible was first released the title so intrigued me that I just had to scope it out and investigate it. Coming from an advertising background, I thought the name was very peculiar! I even researched the concept of "wayfinding" to educate myself. Boy am I glad I did! This is a fantastic concept and a fantastic way of viewing and studying Scripture! Naturally, after my investigation and research, I just had to own this Bible! It has never disappointed me...and I love combing through its superb book introductions, the "Finding Jesus In [the book]" feature, and all the terrific other features that are just chock full in this Bible. I recently took a Bible College course on Genesis & Exodus and decided to use this Bible as one of my textbooks. I loved the treatment given on the plagues of Egypt and understanding them in terms of the gods that the Egyptians worshiped. Always find something in this Bible to enjoy or be informed about. Praise for this awesome and unique way of studying Scripture!

Wayfinding Bible - A Review I received this bible to write a review on. You are probably thinking... Uh who reviews a BIBLE? It's a bible, same old testament and the same new testament. Jesus is coming back, what is there to review? If you were thinking that, I would say ordinarily you would be right BUT in THIS instance YOU ARE WRONG! This is NOT just any old ordinary bible! But before I continue let me give you the logistics and the legalities... Title – Wayfinding Bible Publisher – Tyndale House Publishers Date of publication – October 2013 Number of pages – 1520 *Tyndale House Publishers have provided me with an advanced, complimentary copy of "Wayfinding Bible" to read in order to write my review.* Okay, so let's get into it. Pros and Cons! The Pros... The first major pro is that this book has great color and visuals! If you ever had a bible that was all tiny little letters and pages and pages of nothing but black and white text than you may be able to appreciate the colors in this bible. The maps are in nice color and there are even a few charts that are in colors. If you are old enough to remember Black and White televisions, then you remember the excitement when color televisions burst onto the scene! Well it is kind of like that! The Wayfinding Bible has Book introductions giving you a quick break down of the point of each book and things happening in and around the time of the book. You will also get historical markers that highlight certain events and locations. The most notable thing about this bible which separates it from other bibles is the very unique way it takes you through the bible. What does that mean you may ask? Well I'm glad you asked! The Wayfinding bible offers you three "routes" through the bible. 1- The Flyover Route gives you the big picture and how it all fits together. 2 - The Direct Route gives you the in-depth understanding of events and happenings of the bible. 3 - The Scenic Route gives you the connecting pieces, the outer lying things that most do not focus on. You choose your route and then follow the markers like a railroad or bus map! Hence the name "WAYFINDING", the markers and the route help you navigate and find your way through the bible! I generally do reviews and the review items I end up giving away as gifts, HOWEVER this Wayfinding bible is an absolute keeper!! Starting the new year with a new and dynamic bible is an awesome plan! (Sorry but I'm keeping this one!). I have not settled on a route yet. I have jumped around to all three wayfinding routes just to see how things connect. I am very pleased and surprised with this bible! The wayfinding format is great to help you navigate the bible. It is actually a good resource for all ages. Beginners will get a guide through the bible and advanced bible readers will get a good study resource to help focus their studies. I think the best feature of this bible is the book introductions and the photos. The visuals help you see in your mind what you are reading about. There is a picture of the sun setting on the sea of Galilee (Lovely picture!). Cons... I don't have much in the way of cons. The Wayfinding Bible is in the New Living Translation. This is NOT my preferred translation. So for me that is the first con of this review. (Maybe they will publish other translations later...). I have the paperback version so with use the covers stay bent when the bible is closed. This is not a major issue, just a small irritant for me and my semi-OCD issues! I don't really have any other cons! For more information on the Wayfinding Bible go HERE! On a scale of 1-10, I give the Wayfinding Bible a solid 9!

I would love to see this an app for APPLE iPad.

Seek and you shall find! I found it! There is one already. Going to go get it now from Apple Books. Thanks.

I always love finding a study Bible that can help me understand the Word of God better. The Wayfinding Bible will be be a great tool for getting closer to God and plugged into His Word!

I received a copy of the wayfinding bible as a gift from my husband. I love it! but the only problem is the pages are falling out, its very disappointing! I am really enjoying this book, but random pages are hanging halfway out and I've only had it 1 week.