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What does it mean to follow God whole-heartedly? Discover the signs of a heart truly transformed by the power of the gospel in Rose’s new pamphlet The Transformed Heart. The Gospel has the power to transform hearts—hearts that were wounded, hardened, or that have grown cold. With over 800 references in the Bible that talk about the heart, this pamphlet displays the top 50 from the Old and New Testament and shares their meanings so you can overcome barriers and live a fulfilled Christian life!

The Transformed Heart Pamphlet is Perfect for Quick Reference, Devotional, and Bible Study Use

Whether you are a new or mature believer, God is interested in the condition and attitude of your heart. This pamphlet will deepen your understanding of what it means to follow Christ whole-heartedly. Features charts, simple summaries, and practical applications.

Enjoy seeing clear biblical principles for guiding your heart (feelings, thoughts, and decisions) with the Word of God! This pamphlet includes:
  • Charts, simple summaries, and practical applications
  • 14 full-color pages with summaries and charts
  • A side-by-side look at healthy or hardened hearts
  • Scripture references, definitions, and more
Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, new believers classes, church giveaways, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question. Fits inside most Bibles covers. Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, full color, glossy coating. Folds out to 38 inches.

4 Key Features of This Transformed Heart Pamphlet

1. Easy-to-Understand: Get a Clear Overview of Topics like Spiritual Growth and Forgiveness
  • Packed with Scriptures, checklists, and reflection questions, this pamphlet lays out all the need-to-know details in easy-to-read, scannable charts and outlines. Perfect for individual study, small groups, homeschool, or your church library.
    • Chart displaying over 50 references in the Bible to a transformed heart (with Scriptures!)
    • Common questions and simple explanations for spiritual growth
    • 14 helpful questions to ask yourself for spiritual growth (including forgiveness, hardened heart, etc.)
    • And more!
2. Quick & Easy: Easy-to-Use Layout Shows Key Information at a Glance
  • Enjoy having 51 references in the Bible on the heart printed in a clear layout at your fingertips! Enjoy having easy-to-read charts of the most important teachings of Jesus including guarding your heart, forgiveness, and much more at a glance! Pamphlet includes—
    • Key verses & cross references
    • Practical step-by-step applications
    • Bullet points and overviews of definitions and clear explanations
    • Life application and discussion questions
3. Practical Applications and Discussion Questions to Live a Christian Life
  • Learn to live out biblical principles for a transformed heart with engaging life application questions to translate your faith into actions, feelings, and thoughts. Includes:
    • 6 reflection questions to help you practically apply biblical principles to your life.
    • Healthy Heart Checklist with 10 Action Steps
    • 6 steps to repentance and transformation
    • And more!
4. Bible-Based: Includes Key Verses and Scripture References

Packed with dozens of key verses and Scripture references, quickly learn how to check in on your spiritual health and boost your spiritual growth with this quick-reference pamphlet. Whether you’re using this pamphlet for individual study, devotional time, or teaching, the quick reference format makes learning and discipleship simple and clear. It’s never been easier to see what the Bible says about learning to live like Jesus from the inside out!

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