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The ServiceMaster Story, written by faith and business expert Albert M. Erisman, examines how the first five leaders of ServiceMaster (a cleaning and restoration service company) managed to develop and give deeper purpose to their employees, while also growing into a financially successful organization.

From 1929 to 2001, ServiceMaster grew from a few people making their living in Chicago to a publicly traded company with revenues of $6 billion, in forty countries—with five different leaders. Each leader built on the work of the previous leader, focusing on helping workers to develop as people. Their number one goal was “to honor God in all we do.” ServiceMaster was considered by employees at all levels as a great place to work and was selected by Fortune magazine as the most admired service company in the world, both in the 1980s and 1990s.

How did ServiceMaster manage to develop and give deeper purpose to employees doing “menial jobs” like cleaning floors and toilets—and at the same time grow financially? This book explores the way the five early leaders collaborated, complemented each other, and adapted to changing economic and cultural environments, while creating value for workers, shareholders, and customers alike.

Key points and features:
  • An inspirational story that studies the balance between honoring God, serving people, and growing financially, for those interested in the dynamics of work and faith in the workplace
  • Includes photos and charts

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