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Get an Easy-to-Understand Overview on the Parable of the Prodigal Son:

Packed with engaging commentary, fascinating facts, and reflection questions, this easy-to-understand Bible Study pamphlet digs deeper into the beloved Parable of the Prodigal Son. Enjoy compelling life applications and relevant lessons on grace, anger, and compassion.

Easily see how all the characters are “prodigals” with a quick-reference chart comparing the attitudes of the
  • Wayward Son
  • Judgmental Older Brother
  • Loving Father
Explains the Historical Context of the Parable of the Prodigal Son

Discover how Jewish culture, politics, and religion affected the meaning and lessons of the Prodigal Son parable. For instance, find out fascinating facts, including:
  • Pigs were considered the most unclean animals in Jewish culture. Therefore, when the prodigal longed for pig food, it shows he hit rock bottom.
  • The prodigal son’s request for his “share of the estate” was not just a desire for independence, but a sign of disrespect since family property was ordinarily given after the father’s death.
  • The prodigal son parable is one of three parables Jesus shares in response to critical Jewish leaders. The joy of the father in finding his lost son is meant to teach the Jewish audience to have that same joy in finding their Messiah.
Features Relevant Personal and Life Application Questions

Whether you have children rebelling against their faith, family members no longer wanting to believe, or friends going through a mid-life faith crisis, discover lessons of healing, such as:
  • How to show Christ-like forgiveness and grace in all relationships
  • How parents can maintain an attitude of trust in God
  • How all Christians can live out the grace the loving father showed to his son
  • How to avoid being overwhelmed with anger and hurt and be willing to embrace our prodigals
Includes In-Depth Character Studies on BOTH Prodigal Brothers
  • Explains how both brothers are “prodigal” in their own way
  • Provides key insights into the responses of the self-righteous older brother and the wayward younger brother
  • Breaks down deeper into the reasons for the elder brother’s lack of compassion
Shares Comforting Prayers for Those With Their Own “Prodigals

A prodigal is from a Latin word meaning a person who is “wasteful.” In this parable, the meaning is extended to suggest a person who is wasteful with their life. Whether the person is your own child who is rebelling against God, a Christian friend who doubts their faith, or a church member who is no longer sure of her belief, gain comfort with—

Key prayers in the Bible as you wait on your prodigal child, friend or family member.
  • Psalms for when you worry about your prodigal
  • Psalms for protection for your prodigal
  • Model prayer as you wait on your prodigal
The Parable of the Prodigal Son Bible Study study tackles issues we all face today, and is perfect for Small groups covering the parables of Jesus, new Christians wanting to study God’s grace and forgiveness to all, and anyone needing a fresh reminder of the grace Christians are called to extend to all.

Pamphlet has 14 panels, unfolds to 5.5 x 38” long, fits inside a Bible cover.

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