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There’s hope for greater satisfaction, purpose and joy in your life, even if circumstances have you down….

Stanford-trained psychiatrist David Carreon, MD, reveals what it takes to move from nagging disappointment, dissatisfaction, or depression to a life of thriving. One of the pioneers of the use of an intense form of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in severely depressed patients, Dr. Carreon was astonished by how quickly and dramatically most of them recovered. But he also saw very clearly that just eliminating the symptoms of depression wasn't enough. To live a truly fulfilling life, his patients needed to leave old habits behind and embrace the patterns of flourishing. In The Opposite of Depression, he draws on insights from his clinical experience, the latest research, and his Christian faith to point readers to principles and practices that promote thriving in mind, body and soul. Each chapter offers practical steps readers can take to start moving in the direction of greater satisfaction, fulfillment and purpose.

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