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The One Year Chronological Bible offers a fascinating way to read through the Bible in one year . . . in only fifteen minutes per day! Gain a better understanding of the order of biblical events and the historical context in which they unfolded. The entire Bible text—books, chapters, and even verses—is arranged in the order the events actually happened. Prophetic books are interwoven with the historical accounts they accompanied. Psalms follow the events about which they were written. Proverbs are placed in the time they were compiled. The life of Christ is woven into one moving story. And Paul’s letters to the young churches in the first century are integrated into the book of Acts. Transition statements help you understand why some Scripture portions appear where they do. You do not have to be a Bible historian to appreciate the fascinating new perspective waiting for you in The One Year Chronological Bible. It's like reading some of your favorite passages for the very first time. This edition uses the popular New International Version text.

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Title: The One Year Chronological Bible – NIV Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers ISBN: 978-1-41433-5992-2 Have you ever wanted to read the Bible in the order things have happened or are going to happen in the future? Is it too complicated and time consuming to look up what you are going to read in a regularly formatted Bible as you turn to chapter and verse, wanting to read it daily quickly and chronologically? Are you looking for a special, unique gift to give to an avid reader of the Bible? The One Year Chronological Bible in New International Version by Tyndale House Publishers has three hundred and sixty-five daily readings that are arranged in the order the events supposedly occurred. With month and date written on the top of each page, one can easily read the three to four pages every day to complete the entire Bible within a year. With very little side margin or reference notes, poetry format when applicable and bold markings of book, chapter, verse or theme, also included is a short two-page user guide, a general timeline, a list of beginning pages of books, a preface to the NIV and a table of weights and measures at the start of the book. The ending has a daily reading guide and a canonical Scripture index. In this hardcover, one concern readers may have of the over sixteen hundred pages is that the paper is thin and transparent enough that words bled through to the other side. Since the NIV is known to be a more liberal, gender-neutral version compared to the long-standing King James or other versions, it should also be noted that the chronological order is different and possibly incorrect. Old Testament chapters in Kings, Chronicles and Isaiah along with the four Gospels are not in sync to other versions’ orders and sometimes, in this chronological order, the format may not make sense. For someone who has never read the Bible from cover to cover or in chronological order for the first time, this might be a starting point unless the person wants a more accurate, true to the original text version such as the traditional King James. Having a Bible to read easily day after day from start to finish is a wonderful yearly goal to learn more about God and how He loves and cares for us. This would make a great gift for the beginner believer who wants to know more about the orderly timeline of the Bible. This book was furnished by Tyndale House Publishers for review purposes.

I am only up to March right now, a few days behind, but this is a FANTASTIC way to read the Bible. I have one quibble with it, though: the actual book names appear only at the start of each day's reading, and those are in small letters. I just had to leaf through three pages to locate the Book and Chapter number. Since this Bible is incredible at piecing together in chronological or the Books, all or parts of which do not appear in the Bible in order, it is a pity that one cannot just look to the top of the page to see what Book one is reading at the moment. This Bible removes much confusion as to what happened in what order, but in doing so takes away a simple means of learning the actual Books involved.

This Bible was amazing!! I can't rave enough about it! It helped me have a better understanding of the history and the order of events since the way the traditional Bible is layed it is not quite chronological. Also having the psalms intermixed with David's journey, all the gospels together as one "mega gospel", the prophets intermixed with thekings/ was AMAZING. I have a significantly deeper understanding to the Bible because of this version. I will gladly re-read this one year Bible over and over again in my walk with the Lord.