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This devotional contains all 150 Psalms and 20 other songs in Scripture, divided into daily readings. The readings include helpful background information on the psalm, a related hymn stanza, and an application thought. Biweekly “Interludes” further aid understanding by explaining things such as acrostic psalms or Hebrew poetic style. Indexes included.

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5.25 x 8 in.

Such a wonderful book! It includes a psalm and well-written explanation for every day of the year.

This book is soooooooo good. I gave it to my brother and then asked for it back! Now it's starting to fall apart. The New Living Bible translation makes it connect with today. Thank you to the authors.

Love the book. Lots of meditations and helps for each psalm. Print is a nice size for me. I wear bifocals. I've never read through Psalms before but this will make it easy.

This is a great devotional for just about anyone! It goes through the entire book of Psalms over the period of one year. Each devotional includes all or part of a psalm and an explanation for further understanding. Perfect for your quiet time each day!

I am so excited to get this book through Tyndale Rewards. I've just had time to flip through it, but I'm so excited to start it. It'll be useful & help deepen my understanding of the Psalms.

This daily devotional is FANTASTIC! The layout and added tidbits in connection to each passage reading are excellent. I have been using this as part of my daily devotions and it has really added to quiet times. I got this through the Tyndale Rewards program and highly recommend it to others!

This was a devotional I loved and needed. It is perfect for a 5 minute to 20 minute devotion. The Bible text is on one page and a very interesting discussion of the passage on the other page. Most pages have room for notes and I wrote my prayer request or notes on the scripture for each day. I found it encouraging and easy to stick with.