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You’ve found The Lost Episodes of Adventures in Odyssey! Since this fun-filled audio drama began, there has been a handful of programs that never found their way into regularly-released albums until now! The Lost Episodes features classic stories from the early days of the show with engaging antics and adventurous frolics as the characters of Odyssey bring biblical principles to life.

Bonus Material:
  • Actors’ photo gallery
  • Paul McCusker introduces “Pamela Has a Problem”
  • Five retrospective shows on CD-ROM
Featuring the voice talents of Hal Smith, Katie Leigh, Will Ryan, Walker Edmiston, and Dave Madden. Running time: approx. 7 hours

Story Title (and Topic)
1. Dental Dilemma (Teasing)
2. My Brother’s Keeper (Sibling Conflict)
3. No Stupid Questions (Respect for the Handicapped)
4. A Simple Addition (Sibling Rivalry)
5. Honor Thy Parents (Respecting Parents)
6. It Sure Seems Like It to Me (Exaggerating)
7. What Are We Gonna Do about Halloween? (Halloween)
8. Isaac the Benevolent (The Golden Rule)
9. The Trouble with Girls (Puppy Love)
10. Pamela Has a Problem* (The Sanctity of Life)
11. Train Ride (Breaking up the Daily Routine)
12. Isaac the True Friend (Friendship)
* A note to parents: “Pamela Has a Problem” contains mature themes. Parental preview is encouraged.

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