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The beast is dead, yet lives on.
War tears apart the holy land.
And Roman legions are on the verge of fulfilling an impossible prophecy of the christos: the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.
Even after escaping death in the arena and crucifixion in Judea, Vitas is denied the comfort of settling down with his wife and child. Powerful men are conspiring against the emperor, and Vitas has his own motives to seek revenge against Nero.

Amid the empire’s turmoil, Judea continues to defy Rome. Jerusalem is in danger not just from Rome’s military might but from its own warring factions. Would God truly abandon the Holy City and the Temple?

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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In the final installment of the authors’ trilogy (The Last Sacrifice, The Last Disciple), Jerusalem continues to experience the prophesies that early Christians believe will lead to the end of days. Vitas, the novel’s warrior-hero, has returned home to Alexandria, where he and his wife are determined to lead a quiet life. But because of debts owed to the men who saved him, Vitas becomes involved in a plot to rid the Roman empire of Nero, a conspiracy that eventually leads him back to Jerusalem now besieged by Titus. Verdict: Though the dialog tends to be didactic, the plot moves along quickly. Many readers will be looking for apocalyptic fiction this year, and those who enjoy the works of Tim LaHaye may find similarities here.
Set in the turbulent years just before one of the most horrendous events in Jewish history, The Last Temple concludes the trilogy of The Last Disciple and The Last Sacrifice. Vitas is reunited with his wife and retires to Alexandria, determined to live a quiet, domestic life. But he can’t avoid the debts that he owes to the men who saved him, and he becomes a key figure in the plot to rid the empire of Nero. It sweeps him into the “year of four emperors,” when the Roman Empire is nearly destroyed, and takes him back to Jerusalem as Titus lays siege to the great city. Only then, as the prophecy of Jesus begins to unfold, does Vitas discover the true mission set before him and the astounding conspiracy behind it.