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If you’re tired of chasing the latest diet fad only to find that you’ve gained weight, it’s time to try an entirely different approach. The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss succeeds where other programs fail because it focuses on your relationship with God as well as on your relationship with food. Once you discover the pleasures of eating the food God has provided for optimum health, you will not want to turn back. The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss offers a strategic, biblically based plan backed by solid research that will eliminate your cravings and help you to drop those unwanted pounds once and for all.

Susan Gregory, “The Daniel Fast Blogger” and bestselling author of The Daniel Fast, is back with a spiritual and practical roadmap to this wildly popular 21-day fast for anyone who wants to lose weight and develop a lifestyle of health in a way that honors God. Way beyond a diet plan, The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss includes more than 90 new recipes, multiple tips for successful fasting, a 21-day devotional, and practical guidance for maintaining weight loss and good eating habits even after you complete your Christ-centered fasting experience. Embark on a life-changing journey toward happiness and confidence about the body God designed for you.

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Having conducted laboratory studies of the Daniel Fast since 2009, I believe that for many individuals, this dietary plan can be effectively used for weight loss and maintenance. Perhaps more important, the plan leads to improvements in measures of metabolic and cardiovascular health that cannot be seen by stepping on a scale. Following the plan calls individuals to learn about food and to read and understand food labels—providing a minicourse in nutrition education. This fact alone may be the most valuable aspect related to long-term dietary success, along with the spiritual gain and direction one experiences if following the Daniel Fast as a form of Christian fasting.

Most diets are fad based with short-term results. This book gives readers a road map to jump-start weight loss in a simple way that creates a healthy relationship with foods and strengthens their faith to provide long-term success.