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Experience the joy of Christmas and the gift of family with The Christmas Cradle by Meadow Rue Merrill. Join Molly and her cousins, Jacob and Sammy, as they learn important lessons on the true meaning of Christmas, generosity, and the Good News of Christ. With stunning illustrations by Drew Kervi (featured by Disney, Marvel Comics, and more), this is sure to become a holiday favorite for your entire family. It even features practical ways for families to create their very own Christmas cradle at home!

It's time for the Christmas party! Every Christmas Eve, Aunt Jenny and Uncle Gerry hold a huge Christmas party at their home, Lantern Hill Farm. Molly can't wait to string popcorn and decorate for the party. But disaster strikes when the furnace breaks, and the party has to move from the warm farmhouse to the cold, dirty, and dusty barn! With help from cousins Jacob and Sammy and neighbor Rosa, the children clean up the barn and decorate cookies, while discovering the story of the Christmas Cradle. This is a family tradition in which Aunt Jenny encourages the children to give gifts to Jesus by welcoming him in, sharing the Good News with others, and spreading his love through service to others.

4 Key Features of The Christmas Cradle Books

  • Christ-Centered: Focusing on Jesus' birth, loving God, and serving others, The Christmas Cradle encourages a biblical way of observing Christmas and paves the way for a Christ-centered foundation for your kids for life!
  • Eye Catching and Colorful Illustrations: Fun and engaging illustrations that will keep even the most short attention spans glued to this heartwarming story of celebrating Christ at Christmas.
  • Age-Appropriate: Whether your kids are aged 1-4 or 4-7 years old, each of the picture and board books were written to suit the appropriate ages. The Christmas Cradle can make the perfect read-to-me bedtime book or a story more advanced kids can read alone!
  • Hands-On Family Activities: Holidays are an opportunity to create family traditions and memories. At the back of the book are easy-to-follow suggestions and ideas for building your very own Christmas Cradle that you and your kids can do every year!

Meadow Rue Merrill is the Christopher Award-winning author of the inspirational memoir Redeeming Ruth: Everything Life Takes, Love Restores (Hendrickson Publisers, 2017). A former journalist, she wrote for The Boston Globe, The New York Times, Down East magazine, Harvard University and more, while raising six children. She currently writes books for children and adults from a little house in the big woods of midcoast Maine, where she lives with her family and a flock of mischievous chickens.

Drew Krevi is a freelance artist with clients from many different industries such as Disney, Marvel Comics, Cartoon Network, Group Publishing, and Gospel Light. When he's not working in the studio, Drew enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. They can often be found at the beach (even in winter!) or following the girls around Ventura County, California to their sporting events. Drew also teaches Sunday school to fourth- through sixth-grade kids, stays involved with VBS, and volunteers with Amor Missions, building homes for the underserved in Mexico. He is also a regular runner, plays some softball here and there, and loves a good carne asada burrito!

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