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**By the Co-Creator of Immerse: The Reading Bible—ECPA 2022 Bible of the Year!**

Confused. Frustrated. Apathetic. If you feel this way about the Bible, you’re not alone. The reality is that we’ve been set up to fail when we read the Bible, inheriting barriers and habits that make reading Scripture harder than it needs to be. Alex Goodwin, co-founder of the Institute for Bible Reading, will show you a better way forward.

Discover how the physical format of our Bibles can make or break our Bible reading and how changing our reading habits can help us see that Scripture is alive. Learn how the ancient collection of writings compiled in the Bible tells a story that is still unfolding—a story God is inviting you to live into today. You’ll get
  • actionable steps toward a flourishing relationship with the Bible,
  • a grand sense of the overall story the Bible is telling,
  • a clear sense of how you can participate in God’s work of restoration and renewal, and
  • renewed curiosity about the Bible in ways you didn’t think were possible.
Alex was once intimidated (and bored) by Bible reading too! He presents his discoveries in ways that are easy to access, full of illustrations, and peppered with humor to keep you engaged. Whether reading on your own or with a church or small group, you’ll be surprised at how your fascination will develop and your life will be transformed as you read and enjoy Scripture in fresh, new ways.

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