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From the New York Times bestselling author of Redeeming Love and The Masterpiece—and “one of [Christian fiction’s] most honored and talented writers” (Library Journal)—comes a heart-wrenching but uplifting story about a highly controversial topic.

Dynah Carey knew where her life was headed. Engaged to a wonderful man, the daughter of doting parents, a faithful child of God—she has it all. Then the unthinkable happens: Dynah’s perfect life is irrevocably changed by a rape that results in an unwanted pregnancy. Her family is torn apart and her seemingly rock-solid faith is pushed to the limits as she faces the most momentous choice of her life: to embrace or to end the life within her. This is ultimately a tale of three women, as Dynah’s plight forces both her mother and her grandmother to confront the choices they made. Written with balance and compassion, The Atonement Child brings a new perspective to a widely debated topic.

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This is just one of the best books there is. I love anything by Francine Rivers, but this book is probably one of my favorites of hers. Just the shame and disappointment that Dinah is forced to go through and the struggle to decide what to do with her child and the choices she makes to give her baby the best chance in life is truly redemptive and wonderful.

This was an amazing book about a young girl who had life planned out; everything was going perfect for her until that one fateful night. It's a beautiful story of God's redemption at work, not only in Dinah's heart, but also in her parents. Francine Rivers is a wonderful author. I would highly recommend this book.

This book sounds awesome and I want to know if I can get a copy to upload to my Ipad to read. It reminds me so much of another author who I can not remember her name but here is a synopsis of her book: I read and met a similar author, she had lost the use of her left hand I believe through an accident as a child but she could play the piano so wonderfully. She too while happily married was raped by a black man (she was a pure white girl), she already had children from her current hubby and they decided to keep the baby...well let me tell you..God had blessed her with a beautiful Negro girl who loves the Lord with all her might and soul...I could not stop crying at this Christian convention she was speaking at. I am sad to say though that her husband did not agree with God's will and left her to bring them up alone and this is why she probably still travels the country today with her children in tow.

This is my second favorite book by Mrs Rivers. LOVE the story line. Its one your pick up and don't put down until your finished. She makes you feel like the story is really happening and you have a front row view.

Because I absolutley loved Rivers's Mark of the Lion series and Redeeming Love and consider them some of my favorite books of all time I was very disapointed when I finished this book. I didn't have a problem with the subject matter or the message she was sending, it was the plot. Without revealing spoilers I was very disapointed with an ending I felt was rushed and forced and there were certain plot points that I found completely unrealistic. I hate to say it because I love her other works but this one fell short.

This is probably one of my favorites books that I have read! There needs to be more books on this topic. It's definitely very realistic in the what goes through the girl's mind when there's rape involved, especially a girl who is a Christian. I'm a counseling major so this is one topic that catches my interest very easily. I hope to be able to use this as a resource as well. Thanks for writing Mrs. Rivers!

This book is riveting and hard to put down. The struggle Dynah endures is heartrending and the decisions she is forced to make tug at the heart strings. That said, there are some things I personally disagreed with, as not every woman that takes "The Pill" is doing so to keep from getting pregnant, there are countless women who have to take them to help regulate their periods and/or to ease heavy bleeding. So regarding that, I would give this book 4 Stars.

This is a special book with a special story of redemption and healing. Definitely recommend it!