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Being a mother is tough, and sometimes life can be hectic and disorganized. The truth is, moms don’t have to accept the chaos or resign themselves to the attitude of “this is just the way it is.” By God’s grace, every mother can purpose not to settle for anything less than His pattern for motherhood, and His pattern is victorious, triumphant, and glorious.

Now, women who first met Leslie Ludy in When God Writes Your Love Story and Authentic Beauty can continue journeying with her through the realities of motherhood. Leslie will encourage, inspire, and equip moms to be successful in raising their kids, managing their homes, and keeping Christ at the center of their mothering. Written from the perspective of a mom who is currently “in the trenches” with several young children at home, Leslie will help guide readers to become mothers who are set apart for God’s purposes.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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In her new book, Set-Apart Motherhood, Leslie Ludy clearly brings to light the Christ-centered goal of raising children to know Jesus and to bring Him honor and glory. Even as a single woman, I found this book to be refreshing and encouraging as I teach and minister to the young inner city children of Lancaster. No matter where God has you in life, all of us as women can take these truths to heart and portray Christ to our own children, those we teach, foster, and care for. Motherhood is a blessing and responsibility that must not be taken lightly as we seek our Abba Father's ability to incorporate Christ in our daily lives. God intends for motherhood to bring great joy and fulfillment while pointing others to Himself as the Creator of the Universe, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and the great I AM! May you be blessed, richly encouraged, and committed to walking forward in these truths with renewed vision so that God Himself may equip you to be the mother that he desires for you to be!