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One chef’s journey through the darkest places and the hottest kitchens to the highest heights of the culinary world
Rick Tramonto started as a high school dropout working at Wendy’s; he became one of the top celebrity chefs in the world. Yet his rise to success was marked with tragedy, loss, and abandonment. As a teenager, Rick worked to support the family when his father went to prison after getting involved with the mob. As a young adult, he struggled with a learning disability and drug addiction. Yet as a chef, he rose rapidly to culinary stardom, earning rave reviews and eventually opening the famous four-star establishment Tru. From the outside, it looked like Rick had everything he ever wanted; his lifelong hunger for meaning should have been more than met. But on the inside, his life and his marriage were falling apart. He was about to give up hope of ever getting over his past and finding hope for the future. Until, one night, a voice on the radio changed everything.

Containing recipes and photos, Scars of a Chef is a fascinating insider’s account that shines light into the notoriously dark restaurant world. Rick’s amazing true story will appeal not just to cooking enthusiasts, but to anyone facing tough times and dreaming of something more.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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