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A boy with a troubled childhood . . . becomes a reluctant criminal . . . becomes a broken man on death row who just wants to die. A failed pastor . . . rejected by those he only wants to help . . . finds a new calling. Thomas Carey and Brady Wayne Darby couldn't be more different. One is a washed-up pastor hoping desperately to make a difference; the other is a criminal who's worst crime is always the one he's about to commit. One diligently serves God; the other diligently serves himself. And yet . . . both are sinners in need of grace. So take the first step on a journey to transformation. Join the murderer and the chaplain. Choose between a life of crime and a life of purpose and prepare to leave the ranks of the hopelessly lost and find the One who can save even the most troubled soul.

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I just finished reading this excellent work, Having long appreciated Jerry B. Jenkins writings, I was nonetheless unprepared for such an attention-riveting novel. The characters, setting, plot and dialogue were highly believable. The flow took some unexpected turns, and I sole away every possible minute to read on. The final chapters found me unashamedly weeping-- and for me that is saying something. I can hardly wait for the next to reach my hands!