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ARE YOU SETTLING for a shiny, pinned-on, ornamental faith? Get ready for one that’s messy, bold, and courageous.
In high school, Kristen Welch wore a big, sparkly rhinestone “Jesus” pin every day and carried her Bible wherever she went. (Yes, she was that girl.) But she didn’t realize her faith, though sincere, was shallow; much like her artificial accessory, it would one day tarnish, no longer a true reflection of who she was.

Real life and motherhood catapulted Kristen into places and situations she’d never imagined. There came a day when she stood in the slums of Africa, poised on the brink of a risk bigger than any she’d ever taken. And she knew she didn’t stand a chance—unless she was ready to put aside the rhinestones and get branded by the real thing.

Rhinestone Jesus is the spiritual adventure story of one woman who went from living a safe, “good-girl” faith that didn’t cost much, to realizing that God was daring her to say yes to a deeper, more authentic way. This book throws the doors wide open for any woman who’s ever thought of herself as “just a mom.” Read it and be inspired. Be empowered. Say yes to God right where you are—and stand amazed at how your life will shine.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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