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The book of Proverbs helps us master the art of godly living. True wisdom is the ability to see life and the world the way God sees them. In this six-session study, you’ll learn about practical, day-to-day godly living from the book of Proverbs. Discover the book’s main themes, background, interpretations, and connections with the New Testament and the church today. Gain true wisdom, a deeper sense of who God is, and the ability to trust in God’s faithfulness.
  • 6-session flexible Bible study
  • Optional reading plan for people with more time who want to go deeper
  • Leader’s guide is contained within each study guide, so no extra book purchase is required
  • Discussion questions for each session and lots of space for writing
Most Bible studies on Proverbs don’t include visuals. Imagine having one that does! Perfect for group and individual use, young adult study, homeschool, church library, to give to a friend, and more!

5 Key Features of the Proverbs Rose Visual Bible Study:
  1. Packed with visuals and graphics
  2. Clear and easy to understand
  3. Practical life applications
  4. Flexible and easy-to-use format
  5. Anyone can lead this!
Enjoy Rose Visual Bible Studies’ Simple, Easy-to-Use Format

Each of the 6 sessions in every Bible study guides you (and your group) through the following sections:
  • Introduction: Simple overview to get started.
  • Read It: Key Bible passages and optional reading.
  • Know It: Discussion questions with space for writing.
  • Explore It: Summaries of key information, easy-to-read outlines, charts, full-color illustrations, and more.
  • Live It: Devotional reading and life application questions, a short prayer, and space for note-taking and journaling.

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