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Product Description

In the line of deadly fire
A frightening face shows up on the security cameras at the Wisconsin hideout. Vicki puts herself and the others at risk, contacting someone on the outside. Will it be the end of the Trib Force in Wisconsin?

At the same time, Judd and Lionel are determined to make it back to their friends in the States but end up get-ting in the greatest danger they’ve seen yet.

Sam watches as deadly bombs hurtle toward Petra. He wonders if Tsion Ben-Judah’s predictions about the safety of Petra are correct.

Join the Young Trib Force as they struggle to survive the chaos of the last days of this world.

Product Details

Trim Size:
5.5 x 8.25 in.
A deadly bomb hurtles toward Petra. Are Tsion Ben-Judah’s predictions about the safety of Petra correct? Will they all be rescued? Or will this be the end for millions of believers? Protected includes books 32-34 from Left Behind: The Kids and background plots from The Remnant. With over ten million copies in print, this series is set to capture the hearts of an entirely new generation of kids.