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Detective Boone Drake has just masterminded the most massive sting in Chicago history, bringing down the heads of not only the biggest street gangs in the city but also the old crime syndicate. The story is the biggest in decades, and the Chicago Police Department must protect the key witness at all costs. Despite top-secret plans to transfer the witness ahead of his testimony before the grand jury, an attempt is made on his life. And the person suspected of leaking this information may be one of the CPD’s own.

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The Betrayal has a strong opening and keeps up a brisk pace for the majority of the story. Mildly predictable, Boone Jackson is Chicago Police officer recently wounded in a large sting operation he was responsible for planning. He is recovering from his injuries when he discovers that the girl he's just starting to get to know Haeley and hoping to get to know better has been accused of plotting against him. Boone is sure that she is innocent, but as he works to try to clear her name he has to work through a lot. Things get more complicated as he tries to protect a witness, clear Haley's name, work through his injury and decide who to trust. The Betrayal is a crime novel with some love story aspects mixed in. This novel is not necessarily a edge-of-your-seat, suspense at every turn type book, but a detective story about love, betrayal, and friendships. It was easy to read and enjoyable. I would recommend this book to teens and young adults. Fans of suspense, mystery and police novels will like "The Betrayal." I did not read the first book in the series, other reviewers recommend to read the first one before this one, you may enjoy this book more if you read The Brotherhood (Precinct 11) first. I receive the EBook from the Tyndale summer reading list for my review

This is book 2 in the Precinct 11 series and it is a fantastic book. Jerry B. Jenkins writes books that are full of truth, honesty and plenty of mystery and suspense. I've loved all the books I've ever read of his. In The Betrayal book 2 took off right where book 1 left off and it was at a very suspenseful moment. One thing I liked about this book was I didn't know who was betraying whom until close to the end of the book. I thought it could be this person, than I thought it might be someone else. I didn't know who was the betrayer for quite a while, which I really thought was fantastic. In The Betrayal Boone gets closer to the Lord and seeks to do his will. He keeps witnessing to his friend and former partner Jack. Even though Boone was greatly wounded, he didn't give up, didn't want others to feel sorry for him and kept investigating the case. It really shows his determination and how much the police force means to him. This is one action-packed, fast-paced read that you absolutely won't put down until you find out who the betrayer is and the one/ones being betrayed. It is a surprise right up to the end. If you want to read a book that you will really enjoy, this is the book for you. I highly recommend this 5-star book, The Betrayal.