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Product Description

Practical, homiletical advice for preachers on some of the most challenging genres of Scripture
What should a preacher do when facing a genealogy while preaching the book of Genesis? How should one handle the geographically rich chapters of Joshua? What about all those laborious architectural details on the tabernacle in Exodus? From the theologically complex to the well-worn narrative, from the long pericopes to the tiniest archaeological details, this book seeks to give honest, practical advice that will better equip preachers to tackle such topics.

Each chapter includes an introduction of the difficult passages, definition and examples of the difficult passages, function/purpose of the difficult passages, and how to preach the difficult passages.

Chapter topics include:
  1. Preaching the Genealogies
  2. Preaching the Law
  3. Preaching the Lists and Construction Details
  4. Preaching the Violent Texts and Imprecations
  5. Preaching the Sexually Explicit Texts
  6. Preaching the Geography
  7. Preaching Intertextuality and Complex Language Issues
  8. Preaching the Well-Worn Stories
  9. Preaching Theologically Complex or Controversial Passages
  10. Preaching Long Pericopes

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