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Are you ready to discover how to walk alongside others on their journey to Christ? Learn how to walk parallel with others with purpose and help them discover Jesus from their starting point, not yours.

Everyone takes little steps toward Jesus before they can take big steps with and for him. This is a process that starts long before people ever enter a church building, especially as the gap between the church and culture grows ever wider. This book will help equip you to handle the early stages of discipling others with care, address the stumbling blocks that hold them back, as well as redefine how you see your own identity as an ambassador of Christ.

You will learn how to be better prepared to answer questions about your faith and how to share the gospel in a way that resonates with other people and their culture. There are many ways we can walk with others and point them to Jesus: We can use our creativity to create curiosity, and hospitality can mean so much more than a warm welcome. If we teach like Jesus, then we will use everyday moments to impart Scripture, share stories, and offer next steps to those with whom we’re walking alongside.

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