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Product Description

Featuring simple summaries, diagrams, maps, and more, Rose’s Noah’s Ark pamphlet will deepen your understanding of this story and add depth to any Old Testament study. From a map of where the ark was found to archaeological discoveries proving the Flood actually happened, this pamphlet is packed with fascinating facts! Perfect for kids and adults!

Unlike other graphics of Noah’s Ark, this pamphlet includes full-color diagrams of the inside AND outside of the ark labeled with dimensions based on scripture. It even takes it a step further by including how the ark’s size compares to common objects such as a football field and semi-truck making it easy to grasp the height, width, and overall length of the ark!

  • Quick-reference Includes simple summaries and a fully-illustrated timeline of major events.
  • Find out fascinating facts, such as: Noah’s ark was as high as a four-story building and was probably the biggest ship ever made until the 1800s!
  • Relevant Get solid answers to common questions: Where is Noah’s Ark today? How was Noah’s Ark built and how long did it take? How do we know the Flood actually happened?
  • Visuals Enjoy having full-color maps, diagrams, and other visuals that will add depth to any Old Testament study.

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