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Discovery and Application on the Same Page for the First Time! Now you don’t have to choose between context and application. Expository study notes help you understand the Bible like a 1st-century believer. Number one–selling Life Application notes help you apply its truths in a 21st-century world. This Bible recognizes that Bible application is best done with a thorough knowledge of historical and literary context. The NLT Study Bible is excellent at establishing this base. The Life Application Study Bible content can then guide the reader in concrete steps toward application.
The New Living Translation is an authoritative Bible translation, rendered faithfully into today’s English from the ancient texts by 90 leading Bible scholars. The NLT’s scholarship and clarity breathe life into even the most difficult-to-understand Bible passages. That’s why we call it “The Truth Made Clear.”

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LeatherLike, Black/Ornate Floral Fabric Floral TuTone
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6.5 x 9.188 in.

Exclusive Preview

After reading the Sampler of Roman's from this upcoming book, I am incredibly impressed. I found that I took away much more than by just reading the NLT Study Bible (which is a favorite of mine), or the Life Application Bible by itself. In other words, things soaked in rather easily for me, and had a much deeper meaning for me. In fact, the notes from the NLT Study Bible, which I have read and re-read previously, seemed fresh and new to me. I can't quite explain that. I assume it to be due to reading the combination of 2 Bible's notes that did the trick. Either way, this was an excellent read and I only wish the Sampler was longer so I could have enjoyed the new book by Tyndale longer. My only complaint(s) might be, 1) the study font size is small. Not smaller than other study Bibles, but still small. As my eyes get older, small fonts are difficult to see in less than average lighting (or late at night, when I don't want to blare a light in the room to read). And, 2) I wish that the introduction to Roman's (maybe all intro's) was a "tad' longer with a slight more detail (not a lot, just a little more) and more about the author. All said, I'll be adding the NLT Parallel Study Bible to my already overflowing Bible collection from the "House of Tyndale" (as my wife calls it). That is if I can justify another Bible purchase to my wife.... Great idea and great job on this folks!

I have enjoyed the NLT version of the Bible since its first introduction on the Bible Scene. My wife enjoys it since English is not her native language because of its clarity. With the combination of the study bible and life application I can not enjoy it even more. Best idea ever.

Please give us a parallel NLT/NTV.

Personally, I think this was a genius idea, combining the best features of two terrific study Bibles! I have believed that the NLT Study Bible and its fantastic features have not been taken full advantage of by rank-and-file Christians. Now with its wonderful merger with the LAB in this parallel study Bible, Christians can benefit from the wonderful combination of scholarly notes with the best application study Bible in print. Kudos to Tyndale for this remarkable idea! Pastor Tom Vasiliow

I love this bible, but when are you going to have this in large print? Thanks