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2013 ECPA Christian Book Award winner!
The stunning full-color Chronological Life Application Study Bible is a refreshing way to experience God’s Story and a trusted way to apply it to life. Journey through the 10 eras of Bible history in a chronological Bible experience and gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Includes Life Application notes and features from the best-selling Life Application Study Bible as well as new features on Bible history and geography

The Bible is arranged in 10 chronological sections that help the reader to see how the various pieces of the Bible fit together. Section intros and timelines set the stage for the passages in each section. Archaeological notes and photographs help to bring God’s story to life in a whole new way. And of course, the Life Application resources answer the all-important question—“so what?”

This edition of the CLASB features the New Living Translation.

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I have been a huge fan of the Life Application Study Bible for some time and was not sure about buying the Chronological Life Application Study Bible, but am so very glad I did. This Bible brings a whole new dimension to my BIble Studies and I love the historical element it brings. The timelines, charts, maps, and beautiful pictures really make the word jump out. I highly recommend this bible!

A gentleman from our church has been teaching a "Read Through the Bible in A Year" class using Tyndale Chronological Bible for a least a dozen years. He switched to this one with the maps, footnotes, etc. and greatly appreciated it. Another gentleman in our congregation noted reading 2 pages a day will finish it in 2-1/2 years. A final note in explaning it to others we came up with a graph of the layout of the Old Testament at We have a little more information at Progress on the site has stalled somewhat and we would mind more and better ideas of what to do

Great way to help you understand Scripture to understand when and how it was written.

I love this Bible and it has all the features, you look for in a study bible. However, I think there is one thing left out...a one/two year plan for reading through the Chronological Study Bible. With a reading would be perfect!

Nice bible with one flaw. The "leather like" material is poor quality. For such good content, it is an injustice for that kind of cover.

I absolutely love the Life Application Study Bible. I feel lost without it. The footnotes include some original language notes along with historical data. I would love to see this come out in a paperback that would be affordable for missionaries, impoverished areas, and prisons. Many people are on a low reading level and these notes would be invaluable to them.

The Life Application Bible is my most favorite Bible. I use it more than an other Bible I own. I just got the Chronological Life Application Study Bible and love all the additional information it contains. Love, Love, Love these two Bibles!!!

Love reading through the year chronologically. I adds whole new dimension to reading through the year. Highly recommend!

Love this bible. I like the color throughout the pages of this bible but I would like to see this bible in paperback and using the same colorful pages. Please make a regular bible using the colorful pages you have in this bible.

Is it searchable by subject, word, or name?

01/25/2014 - This Bible is so awesome! If only I was rich I'd buy all my relatives in the Philippines a copy. Sigh...maybe one day...God will provide. This is my first and will be the only Study Bible. Thanks Tyndale for making this awesome book! God Bless and more power to you guys.

This Bible is wonderful. Stories are brought to life as the books are integrated to improve the "flow." Added excerpts bring new life to the pages of the Bible. This is my first NLT Bible and I love it.

Quite interesting. Wish I had seen this before buying another product.

I got the LeatherLike, Brown/Tan version of this bible and enjoy it thoroughly. I can't put it down. The organization of the additional insights coupled with the chronological aspect of reading simply delights (if you enjoy the added historical context). Application notes are very helpful to me...this is my first application bible.

This is a wonderful Bible. My only wish is that the words of Jesus would be in red. This would especially be a best seller for you. I'd even get it in leather!

At first I was a bit wary of the "Life Application" idea of a study Bible. But I was quickly cured of this misrepresentation when I purchased my first LAB, a NLT one. I also had the wonderful privilege of receiving the Chronological LAB Study Bible (NLT) at a pastor appreciation breakfast one year. Boy was I delighted! I was holding in my hand the best of both worlds--an LAB and a chronological Bible! I love how its laid out, the rich resources jam-packed into this Bible! I even love how Tyndale chose to divide up the "eras"--slightly different from other chronological Bibles. :) Pastor Tom Vasiliow, Evangelical Friends Church Southwest

As a pastor, I am no stranger to chronological Bibles and have several in my personal study library. But what joy when, in 2012, Mike Peterson, a Tyndale Rep, came and spoke at a local Christian bookstore for a pastor appreciation breakfast. The joy was the release of Tyndale's Chronological Life Application Study Bible and I was thrilled to be among those who received a copy of this Bible FREE! Tyndale's wonderful idea of merging a chronological Bible's contents with life application notes makes this a superb choice for any Christian who is serious about Bible study. While chronological Bibles subdivide the epochs of time slightly differently, this one is very logical and has a great flow. Can't say enough about this Bible...including all the other terrific features including character profiles, tabs across the top, the many charts, and the great layout of all the material. Again, kudos to you all at Tyndale for a tremendous design and execution job on this Bible!

Just from looking at the sample that was offered on the Nook, it looks like it is very difficult to read the text on the charts on the ebook edition.

This bible is a wonderful and needed design for those of us who love chronological reading, combined with readily available supporting facts and supplimental learning. However, one helpful and valuable embellishment is missing: There is no annual reading plan to guide readers through a full-year, full-bible excursion. That was disappointing, but the bible remains a wonderful design.

This is a wonderful bible! Words cannot effectively describe how well the notes, maps, charts, and diagrams lend themselves to greater depth and biblical understanding. The entire layout of work is superb and a "must-have" for any Christian devoted to deep study of God's Word. My ONLY slight criticism is that I would love to have demarcation points within the pages to show how I can read it as a one-year daily reading chronological guide. Nonetheless, this bible is very special indeed. God Bless you Tyndale for providing it to us.

Excellent book in chronological order. Makes for a different experience, plus has so much backing and pertinent information -- makes understanding easier!

I absolutely love this Bible. It brings together so many areas of learning. I especially like the maps and it definitely helps me by understanding the order of events throughout History. Thanks for an incredible update to my favorite translation for personal reading!