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In Lucky for Winnie, Winnie finally gets the opportunity to gentle her own horse. While she hopes it will be the beautiful Arabian, she instead gets stuck with Lucky, a headstrong Mustang. Meanwhile, Winnie feels tempted to submit a traced drawing for the school art fair because she doubts her artistic skills. Winnie learns that the love and support of her family is better than being a good artist. Plus, when she pushes past her first impression and shows Lucky that she loves her no matter what, their bond grows.

Winnie: The Early Years is a prequel series to the popular Winnie the Horse Gentler series by the same author. Winnie: The Early Years takes place on the same ranch and even includes Winnie’s mother (who had passed away in the original series). The hope is that young readers will enjoy Winnie’s early adventures, and as they grow up, they’ll advance to reading the original series.

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