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A go-to book for any leader, whether in the church or business world, Leadership RE:Vision provides daily meditations written to help leaders think through their problems and challenges from a fresh perspective. Successful business consultant Jim Seybert inspires readers to examine their own beliefs about leadership in light of what the Bible says, rather than in terms of conventional wisdom. Leadership RE:Vision explores relevant topics such as time management, staff relations, truth telling, image management, corporate growth, and excellence. Contains chapters such as: “Don't Waste God's Time,” “Customers Don't Always Come First,” “Good Stewardship Doesn't Mean Stinginess,” “Time-Management Training can be a Con Game,” and “Be Alert for Huge Mistakes.”

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I received this book through Tyndale rewards and wasn't expecting a whole lot from it. My mind was quickly changed. even from the first chapter, this book speaks. LOUD. Jim Seybert offers a unique biblical perspective on leadership that I have never heard before. The scripture references are from stories I've never put connection with in leadership. This book is a must have for an individual or team.