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Whether the issue of the day on Twitter, Facebook, or cable news is our sexuality, political divides, or the perceived conflict between faith and science, today’s media pushes each one of us into a frustrating clash between two opposing sides. Polarizing, us-against-them discussions divide us and distract us from thinking clearly and communicating lovingly with others. Scott Sauls, like many of us, is weary of the bickering and is seeking a way of truth and beauty through the conflicts. Jesus Outside the Lines presents Jesus as this way. Scott shows us how the words and actions of Jesus reveal a response that does not perpetuate the destructive fray. Jesus offers us a way forward—away from harshness, caricatures, and stereotypes. In Jesus Outside the Lines, you will experience a fresh perspective of Jesus, who will not (and should not) fit into the sides.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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Scott seamlessly weaves together theology, cultural critique, Christian ethics, and character formation. The result is a picture of Christian living that should be attractive to believers and to many skeptics as well.

A compelling vision for how to follow the real Jesus in real life. Jesus Outside the Lines is a guide that helps followers of Jesus love God and the world around them.

Scott Sauls is a refreshing voice. He tackles topics that have long created division with such heartfelt hope that I’m more encouraged than ever about the future of the church.

As people who have wrestled much with God’s habit of redemptively “coloring outside the lines” in our own lives and experience, we are so grateful for the wisdom, care, and honesty with which our friend and pastor Scott Sauls has approached this subject in this book.

In Jesus, my friend Scott Sauls sees a power that frees us to be bold without being brash, confident without being cocky, smart without being sassy, engaged without being enraged. Thank you, Scott, for saying what you say. It is much needed in our day.

Scott Sauls has given me fresh hope in this thoughtful and lively book. He gives us a new way of relating to each other—especially on divisive topics—in hopes of sweeter aroma to those who don’t know Jesus.

Choosing sides in cultural conflicts has left us feeling stereotyped and caricatured. With theological insight, cultural astuteness, and the compassionate tone of Jesus, Scott has painted a way for the church to have influence without coercion and put the brilliance of Jesus on display in a pluralistic world. A worthy read.