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Dr. Joe Stowell is a Chicago Cubs fan—to the death! For Joe, there is nothing quite like showing up on a bright summer day at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field to cheer the Cubbies on. Cubs fans are so fanatic that they are now called the “Cubs Nation.” To belong to the Cubs Nation means that you belong to something bigger than yourself. What group are you passionate about? Do you have your own sports team you’re devoted to? Are you dedicated to a cause? To a set of friends? To a national identity? What cause have you sacrificed your all to and aren't ashamed about it? Is it to a career? To some change in your community? To the defense of an institution or your friends? According to Joe Stowell, there is a bigger revolution happening right under our noses. There is a cause greater than nation, creed, or even a sports team. In his trademark style, Joe Stowell wakes up readers to a revolution of the heart occurring now and transforming our nation—the Jesus Nation.

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