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Packed with REPRODUCIBLE pages, timelines, family trees, and simple summaries, this incredible reference book gives a fantastic overview of 30 key people in Jesus' ancestry. Perfect for students, pastors, Bible study teachers, and those interested in seeing God's faithfulness throughout the Old and New Testament.

The remarkable heroes and heroines in the ancestry of Jesus teach us a lot about God's faithfulness over the centuries. Each character in Jesus' family tree gives us a glimpse of how God works all things—even the tragedies and missteps—together for good.

Enjoy Covering 30 Key People from Jesus' Family Tree!

Looking at the dozens of names listed in Jesus' genealogy (family tree) can be quite overwhelming—and it can be hard to know what's important. Now you can easily dive into the fascinating lives of 30 key people from Jesus' family tree, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ruth, David and more with this full-color reproducible book.

  • See how God fulfilled his promises through the generations—despite the strengths and weaknesses of each individual.

  • Deepen your understanding of how Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecies regarding the Messiah's ancestry—he was from the family line of David, from the seed of Abraham, from the stem of Jesse, and more.

  • Find out fascinating facts, such as why 5 women were mentioned in Jesus' family tree (when they were usually never mentioned).

  • Enjoy having quick overviews that will add depth to any study on Jesus Christ and his link to the Old Testament, starting in the Book of Genesis.

  • Get incredible charts, maps and time lines showing hundreds of facts at a glance.

BONUS! Genealogy of Jesus Diagram: A fold-out family tree from Adam and Eve to Jesus Christ. Shows every person in the Bible who is listed in Jesus' direct ancestry.

Perfect for teaching the Gospel, starting in the Book of Genesis.

Reproducible! Just photocopy up to 300 copies for your Bible study, class, or Sunday school. Size: 8.75" x 11.25"

Table of Contents for Jesus’ Family Tree

Section 1: Beginnings of All Things

    Chapter 1: The Son of God

    • Adam and Eve
    • Cain, Abel, and Seth
    • =

    Chapter 2: A New Beginning

    • Noah
    • Noah’s Sons

Section 2: Beginnings of a Family

    Chapter 3: A Journey of Faith

    • Abraham and Sarah
    • Hagar and Ishmael

    Chapter 4: The Son of the Promise

    • Isaac and Rebekah

    Chapter 5: A Family Transformed

    • Jacob, Leah, and Rachel
    • Esau
    • Judah and Tamar
    • Joseph, His Brothers, and Dinah

Section 3: Beginnings of a Kingdom

    Chapter 6: A People, a Land, and a Promise

    • Moses, Joshua, and Rahab

    Chapter 7: Living in the Land

    • Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz

    Chapter 8: A King, a Rebellion, and a New Promise

    • David and Bathsheba

    Chapter 9: A Royal House and a House Divided

    • Solomon
    • The Kings of Judah and Israel
    • Zerubbabel

Section 4: Beginnings of a New Covenant

    Chapter 10: Simple Lives Lived Extraordinarily

    • Joseph and Mary
    • Zechariah and Elizabeth
    • John the Baptist

    Chapter 11: Jesus Christ the Promised Messiah

Appendix: Notes to the Genealogy of Jesus Chart

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