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What is Adventures in Odyssey?
It’s exciting, character-building audio entertainment for the whole family—brought to life by an award-winning team that uses storytelling to teach lasting truths. So grab your imagination and find out why over 20 million Adventures in Odyssey products have been distributed worldwide!

Volume 13: It All Started When . . .
Find out just how far Curt will go to win the student council election, what happens when Donna wears a daring outfit against her father’s wishes, how important joining the cheerleading squad really is for Robyn . . . and much more! It All Started When . . . features special lessons on virtues like honesty, purity, loyalty, and wisdom.

Sensational Stories, Lifelong Lessons!
1. You Gotta Be Wise (Discernment)
2. Isaac the Pure (Purity)
3. It Takes Integrity (Choosing to do right)
4. The Scales of Justice (Fairness)
5. Tales of Moderation (Self-control)
6. Isaac the Chivalrous (Being honorable)
7. A Question of Loyalty (Devotion to friends)
8. The Conscientious Cross-Guard (Diligence)
9. An Act of Nobility (Self-sacrifice)
10. The Courage to Stand (Doing what’s right)
11. No, Honestly! (Telling the truth)
12. Modesty Is the Best Policy (Dressing appropriately)

Bonus Material:
The creation of the Adventures in Odyssey theme song
Unused version of music on “Isaac the Chivalrous”
Bonus episode: “Dobson Comes to Town”

Featuring the voice talents of Hal Smith, Katie Leigh, Will Ryan, Walker Edmiston, and Dave Madden Running time: approx. 5½ hours

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