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Find out how to persevere, remain faithful, and live a life that glorifies God with this incredible in-depth Bible study on Hebrews. See how the early church withstood intense persecution and experience the peace that comes from recognizing Christ as our perfect High Priest. Includes section-by-section commentary, quick-reference charts, and simple summaries!

Perfect for individual use, group Bible studies, Sunday School, etc. Use it as a stand-alone study or use it to add depth to any Old or New Testament study.

14 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches

Check Out the 8 Key Features of Rose’s Hebrews Bible Study!
  1. Includes a Fantastic Overview of the Book of Hebrews
  2. Enjoy having a simple summary and outline of the book of Hebrews that explains key information in an easy-to-understand way. Now you can quickly grasp—
    • The historical and cultural background of Hebrews
    • Who was the book of Hebrews written to?
    • The 7 sections of Hebrews and their major themes
    • And more!
  3. Emphasizes the Superiority of Christ (Includes Incredible Insight on Christ as Our Perfect High Priest)
  4. Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of Old Testament promises, practices, and prophecy. In him, we have a better hope, a better covenant, a better sanctuary, and a better inheritance. With this Hebrews Bible study, get incredible commentary and insight into Jesus’ superiority over:
    • Angels (Jesus is greater than all spiritual beings)
    • Moses (He holds authority over all earthly leaders)
    • Old Testament Priests and Priesthood (Jesus is the perfect High Priest)
    • Old Covenant Sacrifices (Jesus’ sacrifice provides full and final atonement for sins)
    • Old Tabernacle (Jesus’ ministry is in the new tabernacle of God, which is the heavenly sanctuary)
    • Highlights 15 Heroes of Faith (Hebrews 11)
  5. From Noah who built the ark (when it wasn’t raining!) to Abraham who offered his son as a sacrifice, be encouraged by the incredible lives of 15 heroes of faith! These individuals were not perfect, but they put their trust in a perfect God. Get a short synopsis on each of the 15 heroes mentioned in Hebrews 11—includes a short description of their faith and key Bible references.
  6. The book of Hebrews uses contrasts and comparisons to highlight the superiority of Christ. Easily grasp these key comparisons and lessons with this pamphlet’s incredible comparison charts. Enjoy quick-reference charts packed with scripture that compare:
    • Moses the Faithful Servant Compared to Jesus the Faithful Son
    • Human High Priests Compared to Jesus the Perfect High Priest
    • Melchizedek compared to Christ
    • Old Covenant Animal Sacrifices Compared to Jesus’ New Covenant Sacrifice
    • 15 Heroes of Faith—including Abel, Enoch, Noah, Jacob, Joseph, David, Samuel, and more!
  7. Shares 11 practical ways to stand firm in your faith and live a Christian life.
    From showing hospitality and loving fellow believers to giving thanks to God and submitting to Christian leaders, the book of Hebrews provides specific guidelines for Christian living. This pamphlet highlights 11 practical ways to live out your faith!
When we focus on our problems, it’s easy to feel defeated—but when we set our eyes on the power, supremacy, and authority of Christ, we find strength! The book of Hebrews is packed with encouragement on how to stand firm in your faith!

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