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A perfect blend of medical drama and spiritual insight, Gray Matter is a fascinating account of Dr. David Levy’s decision to begin asking his patients if he could pray for them before surgery. Some are thrilled. Some are skeptical. Some are hostile, and some are quite literally transformed by the request.
Each chapter focuses on a specific case, opening with a detailed description of the patient’s diagnosis and the procedure that will need to be performed, followed by the prayer “request.” From there, readers get to look over Dr. Levy’s shoulder as he performs the operation, and then we wait—right alongside Dr. Levy, the patients, and their families—to see the final results.
Dr. Levy’s musings on what successful and unsuccessful surgical results imply about God, faith, and the power of prayer are honest and insightful. As we watch him come to his ultimate conclusion that no matter what the results of the procedure are, “God is good,” we cannot help but be truly moved and inspired.

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I enjoyed this book from start to finish! David gave the reader an opportunity to see an unmasked piece of his professional career. We see the human side of a great neurologist when the pride exposed itself, or the fear surfaces. I was thrilled to see the "real" man behind the title. As one who's first desire had been to work in the medical field, I was thrilled to learn from him as well. As an author myself, I wish to commend Dr. Levy for opening up a piece of the neuroscience world for the reader to enjoy while holding the interest of the rest of the reading world! God bless you Dr. Levy!