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Part of the Rose Bible Basics series, God in Real Life explores tough questions about Christianity and answers difficult questions about God, Jesus, faith, love, good vs. evil, justice, pain, relationships, and life and death. Chapters include the following:
  • World Views Comparison This chapter addresses atheism, pantheism, panentheism, deism, finite godism, polytheism, monotheism, and Christianity, and the answers each world view offers to life’s most important questions.
  • Who Is Jesus? This section explains why Jesus came, what Jesus said, and why Jesus had to die.
  • Pursuing Jesus Helps us once we make that decision to trust Christ. It answers the question: “I’m a Christian—now what?” This section also gives the basics of the Christian faith and how we can live it out in real life.
  • Knowing God’s Will Have you ever struggled with trying to find God’s will? God’s will can often seem like a mysterious and unknowable secret. This chapter can help direct our path by responding to questions like, “Which way do I go?” “Can God be trusted?” and “What does God do with failure?”
  • What Christianity Has Done for the World This resource addresses 30 key contributions of Christianity to the world in the areas of social reform, justice, education, human rights, and freedom. It will help you understand how vastly important Christianity has been to the world we live in today.
  • Answers to Evolution Gives 16 reasons to doubt Darwinian Evolution, reviews some common problems with popular science textbooks, and contains quotes from scientists about the difficulties found in Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection.
  • Many teens have friends who are interested in magic, fortune telling, and the paranormal world: 10 Q&A on Magic, Spells, and Divination will help guide believers through the maze of the occult, wicca, horoscopes, white “magick,” astrology, ghosts, Ouija boards, crystals, psychics, and mediums.
  • Why Wait? This eye opening chapter gives 24 sound reasons to wait until marriage to have sex—not only from a Christian perspective, but from a medical perspective as well.

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