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Product Description

When God calls, it’s time to go!

The Go Bible is bursting with fun and engaging content to help kids explore God’s Word and go share it with others. Paired with the accurate, easy-to-read NLT translation, this kids’ Bible plants seeds of faith and share the life-changing love of God with kids through over 600 features centered on the theme of transformation.

Key Benefits of the Go Bible:
  1. Easy to Understand
    The NLT’s accurate and accessible Bible text uses familiar words that speak to the hearts and minds of readers without having to process technical biblical language. Perfect for readers age 7+.
  2. Big Font Size and Colored Text
    The Go Bible is the full Bible formatted with a 9.5-point font size and a two-column format. Chapter numbers are red and verse numbers are blue, making them easy for children to find. Perfect for reading alone or out loud with an adult.
  3. Emphasizes the Theme of Transformation
    The message of the Bible has transformative effects on the lives of believers. That’s why every feature in the Go Bible emphasizes how God’s power transforms the lives of people in the Bible, and our lives today.
  4. Packed with More than 600 Features Connecting Bible Truths to Everyday Life
    Includes several features tying Bible truth to modern-day life
Go Bible features include:
  • Complete text of the trustworthy, clear, and accurate New Living Translation (NLT)
  • Know, Grow, and Go—Read mini devotions that teach kids to know God’s Word, grow their faith, and go share it with others.
  • Key Verse Challenge—Engage with fun activities to help kids memorize scripture.
  • Factoids—Learn interesting facts about life in Bible times.
  • True Tales of Transformed People—Enjoy snapshots of people whose lives were forever changed by God.
  • Choose to Change—Apply Bible knowledge to modern-day problems.
  • 20 Key Moments—This children’s Bible contains info-packed illustrations of the tabernacle, ark, Egyptian plagues and more!
  • 32 Special Pages—Explore big Bible ideas with full-color illustrations
  • Book Introductions—Includes a Seek-and-Find guide, chronological timeline, and a big picture view of why the book matters in God’s story
  • 8 Kid-Friendly Maps—Discover colorful maps with travel routes, kingdom borders, and animal populations.
  • 9.5-point font
For readers familiar with Ken Taylor’s best-selling A Child’s First Bible, the Go Bible is the perfect next step to deepening their understanding of God’s story.

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