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Who are these “Freds”?
Freds are the millions of people who have been inspired by Mark Sanborn’s real-life mailman Fred Shea—and the millions more who exemplify Fred’s code for success without knowing the real-life Fred. What makes Fred so extraordinary? He’s a man who is passionate about his ordinary job, treating those on his mail route as his friends. In the process, he has turned an ordinary job into something truly extraordinary—and you can too.

Mark reminds us that your life is what you make it. Let Fred 2.0 inspire you to reach even higher and do more!

Transform the Ordinary into the Extraordinary
Since writing The Fred Factor almost ten years ago, Mark Sanborn has met many people who were inspired by the original Fred to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. What motivates these real-world “Freds”? In Fred 2.0, Mark digs deeper, revealing principles that inspire these Fred-like individuals. With this book you, too, can discover passion in what you do.

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5 x 7.5 in.

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