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All Camilla Deardon knows of the Mormons camping nearby is the songs she hears floating on the breeze. Then she meets one of them—a young man named Nathan Fox. Never did she imagine he would be so handsome, so charming, especially after Mama and Papa’s warnings to stay away. Though she knows she should obey her parents, Camilla can’t refuse her heart. But even Nathan’s promises cannot prepare her for what she will face in Utah.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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For Time and Eternity by Allison Pittman is a book I stopped reading due to wariness. I was wary of reading a book that centered on Mormons as the victims. While the main character had a desire to know more of God, I did not approve of her methods (including lies).

This is one of those books that takes you by surprise. It seems that all of the sudden in both medias of film and novel there are many different Sister Wife stories coming out. Whether it is a new television show, an on screen film, or a book it in the general market or Christian market it makes me nervous because it is a topic I still do not quite understand. There are so many people with different views. The characters in this story are real and so easy to find yourself praying for them. It is realistic and believable. The spiritual elements are really pulling and lines are drawn and explained. It is interested to read a story from an author that grew up around such a different belief system. I agree with my friend Christy that it is a good idea to read some non-fiction polygamy memoirs to really understand the POV, but reading a fictitious perspective is an interesting entry into such a topic. The whole thing makes me want to spend more time reading and studying in the Old Testament to understand just a bit more about how Jacob’s wives might have felt.

The first installment of Allison Pittman's "The Sister Wife Series" is a poignant introduction to Camilla Deardon's story that will resonate with readers long after the last word is read. "For Time & Eternity" introduces readers to Camilla's journey from her Christian home to life in a Mormon community. Captivated by the handsome and charming Nathan Fox, Camilla chooses to leave her strict home and embrace the love offered by Nathan and his fellow Mormons. While her marriage and family flourishes in the beginning, the less ideal aspects of the Mormon faith are soon unveiled. "For Time