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Have you determined your unique “why” for existing on planet earth? Instead of coasting along, hoping everything will somehow work out, it’s time to take control and actively participate in the course of your life. When we envision a joyful, gratifying, hope-filled future, we can better flesh out our purpose and allow it to shape our goals, inspire us to service, and guide our daily decisions. Find Your Purpose in Life helps readers understand the power of purpose and the many pathways of purpose, then guides them to pursue their passions with purpose.

Dr. Gregory Jantz believes that our most essential purpose is to honor and enjoy God each day. With this principle as our True North, our unique vocational, family, creative, and social purposes become clear. He emphasizes that our purpose is rooted not only in what we’re good at but also in our true desires. It’s important to examine how past obstacles may have dampened our deepest longings, then commit to freely pursue them. Throughout the book, Dr. Jantz weaves in probing questions and helpful exercises for clarifying the why and how of our unique purpose. Packed with encouragement to forge a new path ahead, Find Your Purpose in Life inspires and motivates readers to reconnect with their passions and embrace their God-given calling.

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