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FBI Agent Laurel Evertson’s investigation into a scam targeting the elderly takes an unexpected twist when key evidence leads her to Morton Wilmington, a felon she arrested five years ago on her first undercover assignment. That case has haunted her since, and though she’s vowed to forget Wilmington—and what she sacrificed to put him away—he is now her best lead.

Houston Police Officer Daniel Hilton fears his grandparents may be the scammer’s next targets, and he’ll do anything to protect his family—even force interagency cooperation. But he’s quickly drawn to Laurel’s empathy and zeal and agrees to follow her lead . . . even if it means teaming up with a felon.

As the unlikely trio uncovers evidence suggesting the scam is more extensive and deadly than they imagined, both Laurel and Daniel find themselves in the crosshairs of a killer. Together they must decide if they can trust Wilmington’s claims of redemption, or if he’s leading them straight into a double cross.

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DiAnn Mills' Double Cross is an action packed, whirlwind novel. It kept my interest from the first page to the last. Insurance scams on the elderly, intrigue, murder, and romance are all woven together to give readers a thrilling story. The characters are well developed, believable and likeable. FBI agent Laurel is put on assignment with a felon, her former lover and murderer of her former partner. Morton is a felon who now claims to be a Christian or is it all a double cross just to get out of jail? Houston Police Officer Daniel is on the assignment as well, his interest piqued from the involvement of his pistol-packing Gran and his confused Gramps. Can the three of them work together to find the mastermind behind the fraudulent scheme involving elderly people with dementia? How many bodies will pile up before the mystery is solved? With a number of twists and turns to the plot, Ms Mills has written a first-rate suspense story. The main characters, each haunted by his or her past, face the challenges of working together to stop a killer. Fast paced and unpredictable, Double Cross is a great read you won't want to miss. I received a copy of this book through The Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review. I have posted reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble,,,,, and GoodReads.

”Her personal mission was twofold – stop the elderly fraud and prove Wilmington should stay behind bars. She was honored to go undercover again, but working with Wilmington would take all of her acting skills,” Laurel determines in DiAnn Mills’s novel, Double Cross. The second book of the FBI: Houston series, this four hundred page paperback targets those who enjoy Christian romantic suspense. With no profanity, topics of abuse, murder, and death may not be appropriate for immature readers. After the epilogue, the author’s note, a teaser for the next book in the series, a dozen discussion questions, and the author’s biography end the book. In this contemporary fiction set in Houston, Texas, FBI Agent Laurel Evertson gave up on God at ten years old when her parents were murdered. After her partner dies in a shoot-out she believes she caused, she feels empty, lonely, and unworthy of love. Throwing herself into her job, she ardently tries to track down those responsible for scamming the elderly, especially if dementia is involved where they unknowingly lose thousands of dollars. When Houston Police Officer Daniel Hilton’s grandparents get hustled by the scam, he offers his help to the FBI, wanted or not. With his spunky, sleuthing grandmother constantly watching out, he tries to find how his grandfather with memory issues was caught up in a fraudulent life insurance plan. As the plot thickens, Laurel goes undercover again when Morton Wilmington, the powerful man involved in organized crime that she put in jail years ago, is released and knows who is behind the elder abuse contrivances. Laurel despises working with the parolee again, even if he recently claims to have become a Christian. Although romantically predictable, the story starts off slow and has twists and turns with many characters, superfluous flirtations, and some unrealistic scenarios. The highpoint of the book shows how one must reach a breaking point to come to know God personally. Not one of Mills best tales, this one still keeps the reader guessing who-done-it. Winner of two Christy Awards, this best-selling author has published more than fifty-five books. Founding board member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, she speaks to various groups and teaches writing workshops nationwide. She lives in Texas with her husband. Thanks to the Book Club Network and the author for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s opinion.

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spoiler: ... Note: tags must be properly nested, example: OK test Not OK test © 2015 Goodreads Inc about us advertise author program jobs api our blog terms privacy help switch to: mobile version Deb Haggerty Jul 08, 2015 Deb Haggerty Deb’s Dozen: Elderly being scammed. FBI and police dueling. Double Cross in the works? Laurel Evertson is an FBI agent investigating a group of scammers targeting the elderly. She is horrified when the evidence points to Morton Wilmington, a convicted felon she’d arrested on her first undercover assignment—one she’d rather forget. Daniel Hilton is a Houston Police officer who fears his grandparents are the next target. Dan would do anything to protect them and keep them safe. After all, they’re the ones who raised him after his mom was put in prison. Earl and Abby, Dan’s grandparents, are in their golden years. Earl is slowly progressing into Alzheimer’s, but still sharp sometimes. Abby is quite a pistol for her age and can still shoot one accurately, thank you very much. They spend their days at the Silver Hospitality facility where Earl can socialize and play cards with his friends there. Abby stays there too so she can watch over Earl. Dan and Laurel meet and connect at the Silver Hospitality center when one of the residents is scammed and subsequently dies. Dan fears Earl and Abby may be in danger because Earl can recognize one of the men. Laurel feels strongly that Milton may be at the bottom of the scheme and that his jailhouse conversion is in itself a scam. They team up to solve the crimes—will that lead to them teaming up in other areas? Will Earl and Abby survive? Is Milton involved or has he truly reformed? Mills quotes Abraham Joshua Heschel, “When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people.” You will be sitting on the edges of your chairs while reading Double Cross—first biting your fingernails and then sighing with relief. There are twists and turns aplenty as Mills leads us on the chase for the scammers. You’ll also gain an empathy you may not have had for the elderly and their caregivers. Dan and Laurel and Abby are complex, well-written characters that you will root for throughout the story. But as Laurel says at one point, “Finding answers often meant looking into dark and angry places ”¦ a survivor on the outside, a fragile soul on the inside.” Double Cross is five stars in my book—and I wouldn’t scam you! DiAnn Mills is a multiple award winning author. This year she finaled for the Christy Award in the Suspense category and for the Golden Scroll Award in fiction for her novel, Firewall. Double Cross will surely be up for awards in the future. I had the privilege of interviewing DiAnn about Double Cross and her other novels during the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) in Orlando the end of June. She is a delightful woman, enviably petite, and extremely articulate about her art. When asked why she chose this topic for Double Cross, she replied that she is now seeing her friends with parents in their 80s and older who are no longer sharp and are relying on their children for counsel and care. She feels it is of utmost importance to grant the elderly the dignity they deserve and not to ignore them or neglect them. Respect, honor, and love are important themes in Double Cross. Abby is a strong example that age doesn’t have to mean you quit doing what is important to you. Double Cross intends that we become aware of the elderly and what they face. We realize this situation could be happening to me when I am older. There is danger and suspense to be faced as we become aware of the physical and mental danger that arises for the elderly. DiAnn and her husband live in Houston, Texas. DiAnn says she enjoys being a wife, mother and grandma—loves playing with her three grandkids. They give her great story ideas. DiAnn attended Moody Bible Institute online and would have a BA of Biblical Studies “if not for the math!” She’s always enjoyed writing and telling stories—story has always been important to her. Her passion is writing Christian suspense fiction with a risk of romance—to give hope even in a dangerous world. To quote Laurel’s feelings as she observes Dan and Abby and Earl ”¦ “The love and unity the small family shared was more than blood or the same last name. She recognized it. Craved it. Hope.

I have never been disappointed with DiAnn Mills books. They never fail to disappoint me. They keep you guessing until the last page! In Double Cross, FBI Agent Laurel Evertson is investigating a scam on the elderly. This takes a twist for her when she finds that Morton Wilmington, a man she helped to put in prison, is going to be her main lead into this investigation. Police Officer, Daniel Hilton, is extremely fearful that his grandparents will be the next targets of the scam. He will do anything to protect them. Together, Laurel and Daniel must work with Wilmington to uncover the scam. But throughout the whole book, they are wondering if they can really trust Wilmington. Wilmington claims he has become a Christian, but has he? This book keeps you guessing throughout. It had a twist that I never saw coming! I would strongly encourage everyone to read this book especially if you like inspirational suspense. I received this book from book fun for my honest opinion.