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The Essential Doctrine Made Easy Pamphlet covers the basic Christian beliefs that everyone should know.

Bible study leaders, Sunday school teachers, and church volunteers need a refresher on the basic Christian doctrines
on a regular basis. New people who visit your church wonder, "What do Christians believe?" and "What is basic Christianity?" The young people helping in children's Sunday school classes may not even know what they believe.

Essential Doctrine Made Easy Pamphlet lists and explains key Christian beliefs embraced by Christians around the world: Christian doctrines such as the Trinity, Christ's Virgin Birth, Atoning Death, and Bodily Resurrection.

More than one-fifth of Millennials with a Christian background (21%) say Christian beliefs don't make sense to them
—Barna Group, May 19, 2013

So, what are the core teachings of the Bible that have defined Christianity for 2,000 years?

Essential Doctrine Made Easy Pamphlet Explains These Christian Beliefs
  • What is the Core Christian Belief? Where Can I Find it in the Bible?
  • What Do I Actually Need to Believe?
  • What Is At Stake Here?

Essential Doctrine Made Easy will also show you where to find the answers in the Bible. The pamphlet also includes a glossary of Christian terms, a chart showing how other religious groups treat these essentials, and much more.

Easily Learn What Other Religions Believe and Compare it with Christianity

An easy-to-use chart shows how four other religious groups treat the 14 essentials. A key indicates whether the group accepts, redefines or denies each doctrine, enabling the reader to understand the controversies regarding these religious sects. Other religious groups include:
  • Latter-day Saints (Mormonism)
  • Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower)
  • Scientology
  • Christian Science

Essential Doctrines Made Easy also addresses belief in the inspiration of Scripture and the methods of interpretation, which are important to faith, although not a necessary factor in salvation.

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